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Managed Services for The Primary Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 17, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The primary manufacturing industry is awash in technology. While it does not lack for talented individuals, either, these impressive minds depend on technology to manage and execute large projects, maintain communication, protect sensitive data, and so much more.

It’s no surprise, then, that IT professionals are in such high demand. One especially popular approach has been managed IT solutions for manufacturing companies.

4 Benefits of Managed IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Even though every company in this diverse industry is unique, there are four main reasons, so many of them have come to rely on IT solutions for manufacturing companies.

1. IT Staff Have More Important Matters to Monitor

The IT department is an extremely critical component of any modern primary manufacturing company. Their job is becoming even more important, too, as tech’s role in manufacturing continues to grow in all directions. So, it’s not uncommon for primary manufacturing companies to spend just as much time looking for the right IT team members as it does hire the best possible designers and engineers.

However, the people who are entrusted with these IT roles usually have highly-specialized skillsets. Their talents aren’t being tapped to monitor and manage the manufacturing company’s network or seeing to issues with the printers. That would greatly cut into the amount of time they could spend on mission-critical objectives.

Managed IT solutions for manufacturing cover the day-to-day requirements of these companies. Experts work remotely to monitor their systems, hardware, and software, so their IT personnel can stay focused on more crucial matters.

2. The Cloud Makes Vital Information Available from Anywhere

Of all the technologies that have come along in the 21st century, few have had the same effect on the manufacturing industry as the cloud. For a field that depends so heavily on collaboration, the cloud has probably represented more opportunities than any development in the past couple of decades.

The cloud has meant being able to immediately share information with clients, employees, and collaborative third-parties. It also means this information can be accessed from anywhere and with any device. This is especially helpful for manufacturing companies that regularly send their employees out into the field. Projects no longer stall because new developments mean these workers need new information, they didn’t bring with them to the job.

Still, many manufacturing companies have continued without it, even though it means getting left behind by competitors that multiply their efficiencies with just this one asset. Other manufacturing companies have the cloud, but their deployment hasn’t been customized to meet their unique needs.

This is why managed IT solutions for manufacturing companies always include the cloud. It’s become that essential. However, it also includes customizing a manufacturing company’s version, so it’s able to accommodate the need for ongoing collaboration best no matter how big the project is or how many other parties are involved.

3. Managed Services Open to the Door to a Wide-Range of Other Options

For most primary manufacturing companies, managed IT services opens the doorway to a number of other options that can help improve their operation even further. A popular example would be managed print services. Manufacturing companies are always printing out blueprints, designs, directions, manuals, and so much more. It only makes sense that they would need a team of experts to keep their printers up and running at all times – as well as fully-stocked and supplied.

Of course, all that documentation needs to be safeguarded and stored in a way that makes it easy to access at a moment’s notice. That’s when document management services are often very beneficial. Manufacturing companies receive the hard- and software they need to convert physical documents into digital versions. Once they’re safely stored in the cloud, a remote team monitors the digital library to ensure security and uptime.

4. Around-the-Clock Monitoring and Reporting

Primary manufacturing companies thrive when they’re able to focus on numerous goals at once. This requires juggling priorities and keeping different parties all on the same page. Often, many of those parties are suppliers, business partners, vendors, and other third parties that may not necessarily have access to their network. Managing all these components is a challenge, to say the least.

This is another reason managed services have become so popular throughout the primary manufacturing industry. Constant oversight ensures no unpleasant surprises get in the way of pursuing those many goals. Enough obstacles arise without the network going offline or a wide-format printer no longer working correctly. With managed services, experienced experts are always monitoring for these types of issues. Usually, they’re able to prevent them. If they’re not, they can begin the process of solving these problems right away, limiting the amount of time that’s wasted.

Utilize Managed Services and Enjoy Better IT Solutions for Manufacturing

IT solutions for manufacturing are about more than just monitoring and managing a company’s tech essentials. It’s about ensuring manufacturing companies can achieve their best work. If you’d like to learn more about these exciting solutions, please contact us today.

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