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Managed Print Services Helps Manufacturers Fine-Tune Business Focus

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 19, 2020 9:45:00 AM

The manufacturing industry has, like most industries, been hard-hit by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. A recession that began in 2019 was heightened by the strictures and disruptions created by the virus, causing a loss of revenue in up to 71% of midsize U.S. manufacturers, according to one industry-focused survey.

With slowdowns in domestic production and supply chain disruptions causing enduring delays, many manufacturers are predicting these losses may continue over the next six months.

Experts are calling for manufacturers to increase investment in technologies that support shorter supply chains and leverage direct-to-consumer partnerships and increased agility.

As manufacturers grapple with these disruptions, 53.1% anticipate a change in operations in reaction to ongoing COVID-19 worries. To deal with challenges — both new and old — manufacturers must look to improve operational efficiency and protect their bottom lines.

Digitizing labor-intensive processes using a managed print strategy can help manufacturers reduced inefficiencies caused by a paper-based environment, increase productivity and cost-savings, and increase their time-to-revenue ratio for better success in a post-COVID environment.

The Advantages of Managed Print Services for Today’s Manufacturing Companies

Digital transformation is nothing new in the manufacturing sector, but COVID-19 has made it even more critical for any company looking to increase process efficiency and produce fundamental positive changes in the way they do business.

1. Drive Down Operational Costs

Your print environment is the perfect place to improve operational efficiency to the level that it reduces operational costs.

Through a managed print environment, workflows are strategically optimized, and your print environment is tailored to produce the right results for your business needs and goals.

Additionally, supply replenishment is automated, reducing capital outlay on stockpiled — and stored — supplies while ensuring workflows are not disrupted by lack.

2. Increased Uptime for Better Efficiency

A managed print environment ensures that all routine maintenance is completed on time for assurance that your machines are operating at maximum efficiency. Better maintenance is key to keeping printers fully functioning — and keeping your processes flowing smoothly and can extend the life of your equipment for further savings.

With managed print services, troubleshooting can be done on the fly, with expert help available when real trouble threatens to slow down your workflows.

High quality managed print providers will provide a single point of contact for fast access to the assistance you need troubleshooting and managing any element of your print environment.

3. Better Security for Improved Compliance

If your company manages any sensitive data or is in control of intellectual property (IP) of any kind, you need assurance that your information is safe as you move through your typical business day.

A managed print environment improves compliance and protects against cyberthreats and other losses with data and document security solutions specifically created to minimize data loss.

All software and hardware updates and patches are installed immediately upon release to protect against emerging threats while cloud-based environments, data encryption, and access control printing allow your company to secure — and track — your information across all processes.

Control coupled with insights into data and equipment use across your business platform provides more options for fine-tuning the environment for additional cost savings.

Furthermore, remote monitoring on a 24/7 basis allows administrators to access information about your print environment at any time, generate reports for valuable insights and audits, or benchmark print and imaging metrics to improve decision-making and cost efficiencies.

Blue Technologies Provides the Right Managed Print Experience for Manufacturers

Blue Technologies has a team of managed print experts standing by to assist your manufacturing business to get the most out of your print environment.

For a transparent and all-inclusive simple monthly rate, our managed print team will ensure your print environment is properly serviced and supplied.

Our team will begin with a baseline assessment of your current infrastructure to compare your current environment with business needs and goals.

From there, we can custom design a managed print strategy to meet or exceed your objectives and ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that systems continue to run at optimal capacity after implementation.

By leveraging the combined talent and knowledge of our team, you can free up your IT staff to tackle mission-critical tasks, ensuring your business can stay ahead of the competition.

Discover the incredible benefits managed print services can bring to your business. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and get access to state-of-the-art printing technologies with bottom-line impact.

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