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Leveraging Managed IT for Utility Services

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 5, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Utilities have been in the news a lot this past year as extreme weather events, the pandemic, and high demand have combined to cause widespread disruption. In fact, power outages alone have skyrocketed in 2020, up 73% from the previous year. Water utilities are also feeling the pinch as the coronavirus pandemic continues to drain limited resources, making it harder to serve the populations that depend on them.

Limited funds are a consistent issue for many utilities, but rising consumer expectations, increasing regulations, and the increasing digital complexity of utility operations also factor into the equation. Utilities are struggling to repair or renew aging infrastructure with shrinking budgets.

In response, many utilities are turning to digital transformation to help them provide better customer satisfaction, harness renewable energy options, and deliver modern services.

How Managed IT Can Help Utility Services Stay on Track?

Utility costs are rising at above historical averages due to aging assets and the need for integration of renewable energy options. Automating processes is one way to reduce costs but the trend is for business managers in the utilities industry to focus on low-effort solutions that, in turn, bring low benefits. Others suffer from visibility over assets and processes, rising maintenance costs, and the reliance on paperwork as opposed to shifting to digital records.

The solution? A Managed IT solution for utility services can provide an end-to-end solution with the potential for a high return on investment. Here are a few important ways Managed IT can be a viable solution for struggling utilities:

Managed IT is An End-to-End Solution

Managed IT provides a comprehensive system that encompasses all departments and business processes. One system, smartly managed by experts in evolving technology, can help solve a number of pain points.

First, partnering with a third party will reduce the budgetary strain of recruiting and keeping leading-edge IT talent. If your utility has an in-house IT team, using a managed services partner can free up their workload so they can concentrate on more mission-critical tasks. Then, your managed services provider (MSP) will help design a comprehensive system that will target and resolve operational challenges by automating workflows and using predictive maintenance and analytics to eliminate waste and reduce overall costs.

Finally, your MSP will take on the burden of additional planning and maintenance of your system, ensuring it is updated as technology evolves and reducing critical downtime along the way.

With Cloud Operability

Cloud computing can assist your utility in reducing the need for on-site data storage and servers. Instead of on-premises equipment, you will use the internet to gain access to the functions you need to support your business processes. Importantly, your cloud vendor will take on all the responsibility of maintaining, upgrading, and securing the cloud environment as new features become available.

In a cloud service environment, you only need a strong internet connection to operate. You never have to be concerned with maintaining hardware, securing data, or updating hard- or software, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters most — your business in the field and the clients you serve.

And Outstanding Data Security

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruption, cyberthreats continue to grow. Since a cyberattack could cause significant damage to the power or service grid of any country, essential service operators such as utilities are at high risk of attack. And, as more systems become interconnected through digital technologies, there is an increased opportunity for cybercriminals to gain inroads.

The growing attack surface surrounding utilities has caused an increase in government regulation, resulting in increased compliance issues. Your MSP will not only have access to most evolved cybersecurity protocols, tools, and software, but they will also assist you in maintaining compliance with any applicable data privacy regulations.

The Blue Technologies Managed IT Team Can Help Your Utility Thrive

Blue Technologies offers a comprehensive Managed IT program for utility services that can help your organization meet the challenges of doing business in a digital world. Not only are we experts at designing comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure, but we use cutting-edge cybersecurity to keep your data — and your business — safe from harm.

We offer cloud-based and hybrid systems to fit your needs and goals and we will help you scale and fine-tune your infrastructure as objectives evolve, so you can focus on providing the high-quality essential services your customers demand.

Take control of your infrastructure. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and discover how our Managed IT team can help your utility transform

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