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Konica Minolta Improves Printer Security with bizhub SECURE

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 15, 2020 9:45:00 AM

While printers remain the backbone of every business, keeping them secure has never been more important. The capabilities that come with modern multifunction devices can help organizations increase efficiencies and reduce operational bottlenecks, but also make them prime targets for cybercriminals.

For businesses that rely heavily on their printing environments, ensuring data security can be challenging. As of 2019, 43% of all cyberattacks targeted small businesses. Criminals have woken up to the fact that smaller companies with fewer resources are easier to exploit compared to larger enterprises with dedicated security experts.

Why Improving Printer Security is Essential for Companies

Cybersecurity is no longer something companies can ignore. It poses an existential threat to businesses of every size. As companies’ digital attack surfaces widened, cybercriminals became more sophisticated. A single successful attack can cripple a company’s ability to recover and sow devastation throughout its operations. Protecting against these threats has become a primary concern for anyone involved in information technology.

Compounding the issue, modern multifunction printers have sophisticated onboard software and increased storage capacities. Today’s printers have the same processing capabilities as any other computer. This makes them just as vulnerable to exploits as any other device on the network. To prevent against cyberattacks and network exploits, Konica Minolta developed the bizhub SECURE solution.

Konica Minolta’s Enhanced Network Security Solution for i-Series Multifunction Printers

Konica Minolta’s i-Series printers all come with the bizhub SECURE onboard protection system. This helps organizations establish effective security policies across their fleet of supported printers. It also makes it easier to secure their printers with an intuitive interface and help them to enforce their network security policies on every device.

Data has become a valuable asset for any company, and cybercriminals work tirelessly to exploit information networks for financial gain. In 2018, 61% of respondents to a Booze Allen Hamilton study reported a data loss incident, with 50% saying they could trace at least one incident to a printer. Protecting company printers as part of an integrated network security policy is vital for operating a sustainable business.

Benefits of Konica Minolta’s bizhub SECURE Solution

To help companies secure all of their i-Series multifunction printers, Konica Minolta developed the bizhub SECURE security solution. This allows organizations to remain productive while also keeping vital information safe during every step of the printing process.

The key features of the bizhub SECURE solution include:

Drive encryption: Using a 128-bit AES encryption algorithm on the internal storage drive, bizhub SECURE ensures all information on the device remains protected. Administrators can use a 20-character alphanumeric key to encrypt all data residing on the device’s internal storage.

Drive locking: The same password can lock down the hard drive to prevent any exploit from accessing and reading the information sent to the printer. It will also prevent criminals from accessing the settings on the devices.

Auto delete features: Companies will have the ability to schedule the deletion of all imaging information stored on the device. This will ensure that sensitive data doesn’t remain available to hackers in the system’s cache.

Data overwrite: Additionally, using a scheduled overwrite of all electronic documents on the device will eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to sensitive information stored on the device. Instead of just deleting the data, the overwrite feature will altogether remove all traces of the files from the printer’s storage.

Features of the Konica Minolta bizhub i-Series Range of Multifunction Devices

As companies need reliable (and secure) printing operations, the i-Series comes packed with features that improve efficiency and increases productivity. Every i-Series printer comes with 8 GB of memory and a 256 GB onboard Solid State Drive (SSD). This improves the multifunction device’s performance and provides a quick response to every print job. The devices also have a 3300 sheet tray capacity, prints up to 36 pages per minute in color, and has a dual scanning option available.

Konica Minolta’s i-Series bizhub printers provide excellent flexibility combined with versatility. As the solution comes with enhanced onboard security solutions, it’s an excellent printing platform for any type of business workflow. It also supports mobile printing, making it a fast and efficient multifunction printer that streamlines office workflows and reduces the probability of a cyberattack succeeding.

Get the Latest Multifunction Devices with Enhanced Printer Security

Protecting IT infrastructure is vital for sustaining business operations. Blue Technologies can help companies improve their operational efficiencies while securing their devices. For complete peace of mind, Blue Technologies provides Managed Print Services that come with enhanced security and comprehensive oversight of all printing operations. With a commitment to service excellence, Blue Technologies remains dedicated to customer success and satisfaction.

To discuss your company’s printer security or for more information on Konica Minolta’s bizhub SECURE solution, get in touch with Blue Technologies today.

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