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Keep Your Casino in Business with This Technology

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Aug 26, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Last year was a tough year for gamblers — and casino owners — as social distancing, mask mandates, and other health and safety precautions took their toll. In fact, revenues in the gaming industry dropped a whopping 25.2% in an incredible decline from 2019 to 2020.

Even though they were adversely impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, casino owners in the United States found creative ways to increase their business despite shutdowns, including offering online sports betting and other online offerings, and implementing industry-specific health and safety strategies to help customers feel at ease once restrictions were lifted. 

This spring, casinos enjoyed lifted restrictions to help them get back to business, but they still face many challenges as they move forward, including difficulty in finding employees to fill necessary staff positions and reduced capacity. More casinos are looking to move online gaming to help fill the void in their bottom lines, without giving up their brick-and-mortar presence.

Smart casino owners are looking for ways to integrate their online applications with in-person gaming events to get the best of both worlds. One of the premier strategies they are using is to leverage digital technologies.

Digital Technologies to Amplify Casino’s Profits

Casinos have been transforming digitally even before the pandemic with new offerings such as virtual and augmented reality, cryptocurrency casinos, and using machine learning to get a natural, human-like interaction at a blackjack table — without the need for human staff. But now they are upping their tech game by fine-tuning these strategies to offer customers even more convenience — with a heaping side of safety.

Here are three ways this is playing out:

1. Contactless is King

Paperless ticketing and online reservations for casino events were already the new normal, but now casinos are adding features that expand the contactless experience. In fact, contactless solutions in casinos have risen by 30%, even after the easing of lockdown restrictions. Self-service kiosks and the ability to order food and beverages through a phone app are leading the switch to a safer, more distanced casino experience.

2. Apps are Expanding

Casinos are building value into the gaming experience with apps that provide users with safe, on-demand gambling experiences. These apps offer various perks and can be loaded on most mobile devices for convenience.

3. Loyalty Programs are Reigniting Sales

Frequent gamblers can earn top-of-the-line perks by participating in many casinos’ loyalty programs. Benefits can include:

  • VIP lines for events
  • Taxi services around town
  • Tickets to top-rated shows and clubs
  • Free parking
  • Waived resort fees

Even discounts on your hotel rooms and big-ticket items like free cruises are possible with loyalty programs, making them a smart way to encourage patrons to stay and play a bit longer.

How to Get Digital Without an IT Department

Many casinos do not have an in-house IT department or, indeed, any staff that are well-versed in leading-edge digital technologies. But that need not be a reason to forego any of these smart, revenue-building digital strategies. 

Third-party Managed IT service providers can be a strong partner to help you design a digital strategy around the unique needs of your theater, your location, and your customers. Managed IT experts can quickly assess your current infrastructure and guide you on developing the right set of tech tools to make implementation of contactless experiences a breeze — and boost your digital presence to reach more customers.

Let Blue Technologies Be Your Partner for (Re)Opening Night

As more people are vaccinated, casinos are reopening to welcome gamers back for a great night out — and to recoup some of the profits lost during the pandemic shutdowns. Part of a sensible reopening strategy includes transformative digital tools that can help you build loyalty and trust and enhance the customer experience.

At Blue Technologies, our team of Managed IT professionals can get your theater up to speed with infrastructure and knowledge that will support and elevate your goals. We can design a custom-tailored IT solution to fit your needs and budget, implement it, and keep it up and running while you focus on more mission-critical tasks.

Leverage the power of digital tech to expand your casino’s revenue streams. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and let our experts provide you with the IT tools — and service — you need.

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