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Keep Funeral Home Costs Down with Document Management Solutions

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 25, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Funeral Homes and mortuaries need to provide their services while remaining empathetic with visitors and clients during some of the most challenging times in their lives. To achieve this, they need to offer a transparent service and control a lot of information during the burial process. From the initial contact with the customer to the final showing and burial of a loved one, the funeral home will need to record requests accurately, file expenses, submit the required documents to officials, and reduce errors during every step of the way.

One way funeral homes can reduce operational expenses is by moving to an integrated document management solution that reduces administrative overheads.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Administrative Overhead with Document Management

Funeral homes need to retain a wide variety of records for every customer they serve. As these businesses provide a core service within their communities, they’ve usually been in business for decades and fostered relationships with many of the families in the region. During the execution of their duties, a lot of information they use needs to be accurate, as it may cause offense when any mistakes sneak into the process.

The additional administrative overhead due to regulatory compliance can become a burden for funeral homes. If the company doesn’t take adequate steps, they may become liable to fines or even prosecution in certain instances. With a Document Management System (DMS), the company can reduce the number of manual tasks and streamline workflows for greater transparency and oversight.

Cost Reduction and Cost Control with DMS

Companies regularly lose track of the number of documents they print daily. A DMS will reduce the number of physical copies required during the process. Although it’s not possible to eliminate the need for physical documents, funeral homes can reduce the number of paper documents they process daily and gain cost reduction from their printing activities. The cost of maintaining physical records remains a concern for businesses, especially those subjected to more significant compliance requirements.

Additionally, with a DMS, funeral homes can achieve compliance with statutory requirements without ballooning costs. If the company retains records of insurance information, health records, purchase orders, and invoices, they’ll need to ensure the security of the documents at all times. If this remains a physical control, the company will incur higher costs to maintain records for the intended retention periods. A DMS will reduce the amount of physical space required for storing all the documents, and provide additional cost reduction and cost control for the company.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Reducing wait periods and speeding up the process of accessing the right information with digital transformation will help funeral homes improve their operational efficiencies. Customers expect a quick response to their questions. With a DMS, the company can quickly search and retrieve specific information from a centralized repository. This improves the ability to quickly find accurate information for any queries a customer may have.

A DMS will also help funeral homes achieve quicker turnaround times for finalizing arrangements using automated workflows. To manage every stage’s processes, an automated workflow will route the necessary documents to different resources and ensure everyone stays on point with the latest information.

Increased Information Security and Disaster Recovery

With an electronic DMS, funeral homes can better protect sensitive information using document type classifications and controlled disclosure protections. Classifying documents helps ensure only authorized personnel can access the information from the system, protecting documents from uncontrolled distribution or disclosure. The company can ensure they encrypt all repositories containing sensitive information, keeping them out of the hands of evil individuals or bad actors.

With backup, restore, and recovery solutions, the funeral home will further enhance their information security for future sustainability. Offsite, cloud-storage solutions will allow the company to create regular backups of the entire document library, and in the event of the system going down, will be able to restore it quickly and efficiently. A DMS will also track which user accessed which information and keep a complete historical audit trail for every document. If a data breach does occur, the company follows the unauthorized access down to the specific user account.

Reducing Cost and Improving Efficiencies with a DMS from Blue Technologies

For funeral homes in Ohio looking to leverage technology for reduced operational overhead, Blue Technologies can assist with an integrated Document Management System. As a leading provider of office productivity solutions, Blue Technologies will work with the company to design a system that fits in with their unique operational processes. For greater oversight, information security, and increased efficiency, Blue Technologies can help streamline the process and ensure accurate processing of all the company information. Funeral homes can utilize the latest document management solutions for continued cost reduction and cost control during their daily workflows.

To discuss your DMS requirements and start the journey towards a digital solution, ask one of Blue Technologies’ expert consultants for more information today.

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