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KIP 600 Large-Format Printers – A New Generation of Production Print

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 11, 2020 8:39:00 AM

For organizations that need a reliable large-format printing platform, the KIP 600 is revolutionizing the industry. By establishing new standards in quality, efficiency, and productivity, KIP’s latest large-format solutions deliver precision imaging with a compact and durable design. The platform comes packed with capabilities that can help any organization improve their print production processes.

Large-format printing has found a place in many of today’s organizations. Access to a large-format printer may have been more critical for production print houses or architectural firms in the past. Still, today’s platforms can help any organization produce high-quality images in-house on a variety of different materials.

The KIP 600 Series of Large-Format Printers

The large-format printer industry will continue to grow, according to analysts. From $9.3 billion in 2020, they expect the market to increase to $11.2 billion by 2025. Advances in ink manufacturing, print production, and image transfer technologies remain responsible for the expected growth. Steady progress in digital technologies makes it possible for organizations to keep their large-format printing operations in-house and produce different materials for a variety of applications.

With the introduction of KIP’s 600 series of large-format printers, more organizations can now benefit from having a reliable production platform available. The series of printers have advanced large-format capabilities while using a smaller footprint in a robust design. According to the manufacturer, they engineered these devices to exceed expectations. Here are some of the main features that distinguish the KIP 600 series of large-format printers from their competitors.

1. The Latest Technology in a Compact Design

The KIP 600 series uses the latest technologies in the company’s pursuit to develop the most exceptional large-format solution. Using what the company calls Contact Control Technology (CCT), they can provide precision imaging platforms suitable for a variety of applications. It means organizations have access to a reliable platform that delivers the highest quality of images for any industry. CCT uses the exact placement of toner particles via direct contact with the medium to ensure consistent, superior color or black-and-white (B&W) prints.

2. Streamline Print Processes with Automated Workflows

By integrating multi-step printing processes, the KIP 600 series can help organizations to improve their printing operations. With the comfortable touch-screen interface, operators can use color or B&W (or mixed) settings while resizing, rotating, or collating images directly at the device. KIP designed the series while keeping modern offices in mind, so devices come in a compact design and can fit into locations previously considered too small for housing a large-format printer.

3. Durable Images and Unmatched Productivity

When investing in large-format printers, the company will need a solution that can keep up while producing consistent quality images. KIP uses consistent speed technology to ensure there’s no delay even if the business uses complex designs and full-coverage images. KIP 600 large-format printers process each document at a full rated engine speed to meet schedules and deadlines. With CCT technology, the company can bond images that resist heat, scratching, repeated handling, and friction.

4. System K Solutions for Ease-of-Use

Not only will the organization benefit from the KIP 600 series’ reliability, but it also comes with their proprietary System K imaging software included. It helps companies to optimize workflows, improves device security, and provides consistent image output.

KIP’s System K features include:

● Provides seamless control for both B&W and color files

● Uses a single-software platform for all imaging production requirements

● Comes with a print management system and cloud solution included

● Deploys advanced security on the large-format printer and connected workstations

● Has automated workflow solutions – allowing for continuous enhancement of features and functions

Both the KIP 650 and 660 models of large-format printers come with improved efficiency to reduce the adverse effects on the environment. By enhancing the carbon-footprint of the platform, companies can rest assured that the KIP 600 series of large format printers is a reliable, economical, and environmentally sound solution for the office’s large-format printing requirements.

KIP also manufactures supplies and packaging using processes that minimize the use of materials and utilize recyclable products wherever possible. Companies who opt for this solution can benefit from a reduced total cost of ownership, increased device reliability, and having access to robust, environmentally conscious large-format printing platforms.

Enabling In-House Print Production with Blue Technologies and the KIP 600 Series of Large-Format Printers

For companies that need access to reliable and productive in-house printing solutions, Blue Technologies can assist with device selection, consolidation, and management. Our team of print management experts can help to deploy a fleet of printers that match the company’s environment and requirements perfectly.

As more organizations opt to keep their large-format printing requirements in-house, Blue Technologies remains committed to helping customers find optimized solutions for their business processes. Our Managed Print Services can enable companies to acquire the latest technologies and ensure reliable print operations using the KIP 600 series of large-format production print solutions.

If you are considering a production print platform for your business, contact Blue Technologies today to discuss the KIP 600 series of large-format platforms.

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