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Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction in Your Vet Clinic with Managed Print

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Dec 26, 2022 8:30:00 AM

While the veterinary industry experienced another challenging year, the outlook for this year is still positive — even though many clinics are suffering inflationary impacts and staff shortages. Fortunately, some of the COVID- specific operations are diminishing, with many veterinary practices discontinuing their curbside or drop-off services. With less than a third of appointments requiring curbside services, veterinary staff can focus more on customer satisfaction, while reducing the number of activities for which they are responsible.

Industry leaders are indicating that veterinary services are maxxed out with the current staff availability, leaving more than 80 million pets without appropriate care. This care is not limited to just vaccinations, but also includes critical illnesses, injuries, and other factors. Even more problematic is the number of veterinarians — and their staff — that are becoming burned out by overwork. With 23 million Americans working from home, they are more tuned into their pets’ health and more likely to seek veterinary help for ailing animals. 

How Print Management for Vet Clinics Can Improve Efficiency — and More

Veterinarians and their staff are under a lot of pressure. Staff shortages combined with a growing patient population means tighter deadlines than ever. Not only can the need for faster turnaround negatively impact patient care, but it can also contribute to staff frustration, reducing clinics’ ability to retain knowledgeable talent. In a traditional snowball effect, lack of talent affects client wait times and client care, impacting the customer experience and reducing overall profitability.

One way to optimize work processes so staff — and clients — feel greater satisfaction is through simple, cost-effective software. Print management for vet clinics offers solutions to reduce stress in fast-paced environments by speeding up processes and managing costs. Here’s how it works:

Make Check In (and Check Out) Faster, Secure, and Error-Free

Print management can help prioritize print jobs so needed documents such as rabies and other vaccine proofs and certificates can be printed quickly and easily at check out. Label printing for medicines and documentation of lab results can be printing quickly — and securely — by authorized personnel only. This is particularly important as hackers are targeting vet clinics in an effort to expand the threat landscape. In fact, United Veterinary Clinic, an operation with over 100 offices in 23 states across the nation experienced a data breach where customer information — including social security numbers — was stolen.

While using good cybersecurity hygiene and robust strategies to protect data is important, managed print software can play an important role in protecting data at end points.

Control Overall Office Costs and Keep Downtime to a Minimum

There is nothing more frustrating than a malfunctioning printer or multifunction device in the middle of a busy day. Print management is more than just software — it is also a service the provides routine maintenance, as well as software updates and patches — to keep your equipment running smoothly. Performing routine maintenance not only contributes to increased uptime and reduces staff and customer frustration, but it also extends the life of your equipment, giving your clinic a better return on investment.

Finally, print management software allows you to control exactly how printers are being used, reducing the use of color printing, making draft printing standard, and conserving ink and toner as well as paper supplies. 

Trust Blue Technologies for On-Point Print Management

Print management services gives you everything you need to fine tune your print environment — all for one low monthly cost that is easily added to any budget. With managed print, there are no unexpected repairs or parts costs if the event of an issue because everything is included. Even your maintenance and supplies are automatically at your fingertips exactly when they are needed, removing the administrative burden of ordering supplies and scheduling services from your staff.

At Blue Technologies, we our managed print experts can help your veterinary clinic streamline and optimize print operations to help your office function more smoothly, providing an exceptional experience for both staff and customers. 

Get the power of print management in your clinic today. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant to learn how our team of managed print experts can help optimize your vet office for better productivity and efficiency. 

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