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How You Can Leverage Managed IT to Boost Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 26, 2021 8:15:00 AM

The housing market was on hold for many months last year as the coronavirus pandemic forced new hardships on both buyers and sellers. Today, the market remains tight with demand for housing far outpacing supply.

Apprehension over social distancing, mask wearing, and other health and safety protocols are easing, but agents are finding rising home prices are affecting affordability as mortgage rates continue to climb.

Despite the need for caution, this activity means that there is potential for real success in the real estate market — if your agency can gain a competitive advantage.

Those agents — or agencies — that embrace technology will establish themselves as industry leaders while those that struggle with deploying a digital transformation may be doomed to take a back seat as the industry recovers.

One of the best ways to ensure your agency is on the right track is to establish a partnership with a tech-savvy Managed Services Provider (MSP) who can help guide you successfully into a digital future.

Managed IT and Real Estate — A Perfect Partnership?

In the modern housing market, technology is a must-have to help your agency stand out among the competition and build trust with clientele, making Managed IT and real estate a perfect match.

Using technology and the help of an MSP, brokers and agents can:

Meet Consumer Expectations

Virtual tours, contactless closings, and other home buying or selling tasks are part of today’s tech-enabled world — and something that consumers are beginning to demand. An increase in remote communication between agents and clients can include video, phone, and texts — and 41% of consumers expect to be able to reach their agents using these solutions.

Managed IT solutions provide agencies with the ability to connect with — and serve — clients from anywhere.

Provide 24/7 Support

Support is critical not only for agents, but for the clients they serve.

When you partner with a Managed IT provider, your agency can get seamless on-demand support and troubleshooting around the clock to ensure agents can connect with clients whenever they are needed. Your MSP will provide remote monitoring and access to ensure that business continuity is preserved, even in the event of a disaster.

Streamline Communications

Today’s tech is all about connection and communication. Using various technologies such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), agents can maintain a high level of communication whether they are in the office, at their home, or located remotely. This type of communication technology outranks traditional methods since it not only offers a wide variety of ways to connect, but it reduces costs by simplifying the amount of infrastructure necessary.

Manage, Store, and Secure Documents

Real estate is a document-heavy process. Modern technology such as document management systems (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) systems can take the frustration, cost, and much of the risk out of organizing and storing these documents.

These systems allow you to digitize paper documents and store them in the cloud to reduce the cost of on-site storage, provide heightened security for compliance and peace of mind, and easily retrieve the documents you need — when you need them.

Meet Blue Technologies — Your Managed IT Partner

At Blue Technologies, we understand how complex — and confusing — the world of information technology can be. After all, trends are constantly changing and technologies advance at the speed of light. What is new today can be obsolete next week.

That is why we offer full-scale Managed IT services to help your agency take advantage of everything technology has to offer, without getting bogged down in the details.

Our team of IT professionals can assess your current infrastructure against your particular challenges and needs to arrive at a “just right” mix of technologies. The ability to connect with clients anywhere and provide fast access to the information you — and they — need can put your agency at the front of the pack when it comes to competitive edges.

Not only can we design a custom-tailored IT solution for your agency, but we can ensure it is deployed and maintained for one predictable monthly rate, including 24/7 access to support and troubleshooting.

Elevate your real estate agency above the competition with the power of IT. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and discover how you can implement a cost-effective, powerful Managed IT program today.

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