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How to Use Signage at Your Hotel, Campground, or Bed and Breakfast

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 28, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Signage is everywhere — from the roadside to the sidewalk. As one of the oldest forms of marketing, signage is an effective way for hospitality-related businesses to capture customer attention and provide important information that will make their stay more delightful. In the hospitality industry, signs can be used to convey your brand’s values and messaging and give customers an idea of what they should expect from a stay in your establishment. 

And, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruption and public health and safety rules fluctuate, signs are an important way to communicate your establishment’s rules regarding COVID-19, as well as giving your customers peace of mind.

Printing signs in-house is a smart and cost-effective way to ensure your brand materials are cohesive, plus it allows you to change your signs to match shifts in consumer behavior and public health and safety regulations.

In this article, we’ve curated several ways you can use signage at your hotel or other facility to showcase your hospitality and ensure your customers will be coming back again!

4 Ways to Use Signage at Your Hotel or Hospitality-Oriented Business 

Signs are a great way to establish the tone and personality of your hotel, campground, or bed-and-breakfast, plus they give visitors a quick and easy way to find their way around, locate amenities, and understand basic rules. Here are five ways you can use signs to your benefit:

  1. Outdoor Signs That Pop

Having a special event at your location or advertising a special deal? Consider placing banners that coordinate with your brand’s look on the outside of your building. Visual branding with signs can also help you differentiate your establishment from large chains or help customers understand what kind of experience they will encounter when staying with you. 

  1. Take “Do Not Disturb” to the Next Level

Every hotel, motel, and overnight stay establishment seems to have those ubiquitous “Do Not Disturb” signs that flag cleaning personnel to skip the interruption. These signs are the perfect way to display your establishment’s personality with a bit of humor, an inspiring quote, or even a simple design. If you have an in-house printer, you may even be able to personalize these signs to add delight to your customer’s experience with you. 

  1. Signs That Work

Signs are not just for decoration. They can also pull double-duty, directing guests to the pool, the ice machines or vending, the hotel dining room, the campground showers, and more. Signs like these are becoming increasingly more critical as more hospitality-oriented businesses work to protect customers and staff from viral spread.

If you have access to an in-house printer, you can produce signs instantly so your establishment is ready when social distancing or mask-wearing rules change. 

  1. Signs in the Room

Hospitality establishments have a number of signs in each room to let guests know a bit about their new surroundings. You can post signs regarding thermostat usage, appliance usage, and helpful guides on getting off the premises in the event of a fire or other emergency. Many bed-and-breakfasts and other extended stay facilities offer in-room booklets designed to let your guests know where they can find the best local food and events.

Having a color printer on-site can help you stay abreast of trends in hospitality signage, personalize your guests’ experience, and allow your facility to pivot effortlessly when public health and safety regulations change.

Blue Technologies Has the Right Printers for Your Signage Needs

Being able to print custom signage at the drop of a hat can be a valuable asset for hospitality-oriented businesses, particularly in the current era of rapid shifts in markets and consumer behavior.

At Blue Technologies, we have a wide range of printers and multifunction printers in stock to meet your signage and office printing needs at every budget level. From desktop laser and inkjet models and multifunction printers that combine faxing, copying, scanning, and printing into one low-profile device to leading edge wide-format and production-level machines, our printers are manufactured by industry leaders for unparalleled reliability and performance.

Plus, we have a team of print experts at your disposal to ensure maintenance, supplies, and updates are all taken care of — leaving you to focus on the comfort of your guests and the success of your hospitality business.

Leverage the power of signage for a cost-effective way to let your guests know you care. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and get help finding the right printer to fit your needs and budget.

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