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How to Securely Transfer Documents in Government Buildings

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 8, 2019, 10:00:00 AM

Government agencies have unique document management needs that are in stark contrast with businesses from the private sector. Security is not only a priority in these agencies, but it’s also a necessity.

While compromised documents can wreak havoc on a business, it can jeopardize entire communities when it happens to a government. Here’s how government agencies can stay two steps ahead and keep their sensitive documents safe with managed services.

Secure Document Management in Government Buildings

Keeping sensitive information in a centralized location is key to facilitating secure communications between government buildings. That centralized location should be managed by a professional third-party organization such as a managed service.

These managed services employ state-of-the-art technology developed in the private sector to implement robust active device monitoring firewalls, as well as network security tools. Governments should know that managed services can be trusted to manage their highly sensitive data.

The most significant advantage of using managed services is the security and organizational enhancements that they provide. Governments around the country have different sets of regulation, and Blue Technologies has the expertise to serve them all.

Businesses Complying with GDPR

The excessive regulations stipulated by the GDPR makes doing business with customers from within the European Union markedly more complicated. Firms looking to do business with the EU need to take these regulations seriously and make an effort to follow the data protection practices outlined by GDPR policy.

Failure to do so can result in costly penalties which can cost in the millions. Using managed services like those offered by Blue Technologies are one of the best ways to facilitate GDPR compliance.

Most of the compliance requirements focus on the use and protection of customer data. For example, information collected for one purpose cannot be used for an unrelated purpose that wasn’t outlined previously. Similarly, customer data is to have limited retention periods meaning that firms may only hold on to their data for a limited time and are not to utilize it for new purposes.

Protecting customer data is one of the most important parts of GDPR compliance. With the exception of averting abusive uses of the data, keeping personal information safe is the foremost responsibility for companies doing business with the EU under GDPR.

Failure to remain GDPR compliant can result in costly penalties which can cost in the millions. Using managed services like those offered by Blue Technologies are one of the best ways to facilitate GDPR compliance.

Blue Technologies and Secure File Transfer for State and Local Governments

Turning back to state and local governments, secure file transfer is one of the most important aspects of document management in these institutions. Blue Technologies helps governmental organizations of all sizes use technology to provide superior service to taxpaying citizens while enjoying secure file transfer via managed file transfer services that optimize document security.

Industry leaders like Blue Technologies feature FTP, or, file transfer protocol options that are at the heart of solving file transfer problems among governmental agencies.

More state and local government departments are seeking FTPs for document management and collaboration solutions due to the ease of use and superior security components including robust firewalls.

Additionally, Blue Technologies assists governments with strategic planning and implementing IT solutions that help facilitate secure collaboration. Routine tasks can be automated while retaining top-notch security.

Secure and Increased Flexibility Through Data Centralization

ECM, or electronic content management, is the key to secure yet flexible document management in government institutions. Being able to transfer files between government buildings securely is a considerable responsibility, and companies like Blue technologies are here to help with superior enterprise ECM.

For example, the importance of secure communications between governmental buildings is made evident when considering police file transfers from the station to the courthouse. One can imagine what could happen if unauthorized individuals were able to access the transferred files. In this example, the intercepted files could be used to throw off a court case.

Blue Technologies, the Best Option from Private Sector for State and Local Governments

Blue Technologies can serve governments like no other company from the private sector. Get it right from the start and entrust government business with a strong and reliable leader like Blue Technologies. They have the best managed file transfer services and are a leader in enterprise content management.

Have a chat with Blue Technologies and see how they can help facilitate secure document storage, collaboration, transfer, and management.

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