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How to Reduce Your Order Processing Time

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 15, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Order processing times are a vital area to improve on for many businesses. Customers in today’s market are especially reluctant to slow wait times when it comes to order-processing – it’s to the point that some of them will even cancel their orders out of frustration before being filled. Here’s how to take advantage of order fulfillment software and reduce wait times.

The Importance of Efficiency in Order Processing and Order Fulfillment Software

Customers don’t appreciate waiting days on end to for their order status to be updated. It generally tends to be a sore spot with them. Keeping your customers happy is vitally important, which makes efficient order processing a priority for any manufacturer who values their business.

Order fulfillment software is one of the easiest to implement and most effective solutions available to manufacturers.

Increasing Productivity with Superior Software Solutions

Productivity can significantly improve with clever use of software solutions, like those made available by Blue Technologies. This includes their Prism DocRecord and OnBase by Hyland.

The software is tailored to meet and exceed specific business needs and take optimization to a whole new level. These software solutions have the qualities that top firms are looking for such as tools that will facilitate higher levels of efficient collaboration between teams in manufacturing environments.

Prism DocRecord

Prism DocRecord is a premium service available through Blue Technologies that securely stores company information digitally and maintains data backups. Performing data backups is a proven way to offset the potential damage of a data breach or other hacking assault.

OnBase by Hyland

OnBase by Hyland is another highly recommended product that can manage a wide range of functions including, faxes, images, emails, videos, HTML forms, and application files. The information when organized in this manner gives power to the customer and allows for total and effective control over their information flow.

Optimize Team Collaboration and Order Processing with a Diversified Approach

Both team collaboration and order processing can be optimized best by using a diversified approach which would encompass a broader scope. Software solutions like managed services can be used to cast a wider net and improve other critical areas like IT operations and purchasing.

IT Solutions

Blue Technologies features some of the strongest managed IT services – they provide superior security, maintenance, and support that can be best even with the most capable of in-house IT staff. These managed IT services can prevent data loss, data breaches, and also serves to keep systems perfectly maintained. A true rarity, their 24/7 support services are based in the United States.

Office Hardware Purchasing

Manufacturing firms can become more efficient and save money by purchasing their office hardware and printing equipment through Blue Technologies. Multifunction printers are an asset to any organization and centralize several key functions in one device.

Enhancing Team Collaboration with Technology

Manufacturing firms can use technology to enhance team collaboration, making it more effective and secure. With managed document collaboration solutions like enterprise content management and software, manufacturing teams can increase their efficacy at a low cost.

The U.S. government printing office, or GPO, is a unique governmental organization in that it pays for itself through revenue and is not funded by taxpayer money. When Northrup Grumman was doing business with the GPO, they realized how distant they had become from their customers. When implementing productivity systems, it is important to maintain sufficient levels of customer interaction.

Customer interactions are especially important for manufacturing firms where competition is particularly intense. The key is to optimize order processing times with order fulfillment software without compromising the deep level of customer interaction that is required to sustain a successful business model.

The single best way to follow order fulfillment process steps and improve lead time, cycle time, and other important concerns is to use robust yet flexible order fulfillment software, like those offered by Blue Technologies.

Blue Technologies Has First-in-Class Order Fulfillment Software, Grow with US

Blue Technologies is the best choice a business can make for their order fulfillment solutions. Their managed services are especially advantageous and include collaboration, printing, and document services.

With Blue Technologies, manufacturers can improve lead time, cycle time, and will have the best order fulfillment process steps to follow. Not only will manufacturers save money, but they’ll also be making their operations run smoother as a whole.

Get the best in order fulfillment software and managed services with Blue Technologies, call today!

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