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How to Protect Your Utility’s Bottom Line with Print Management

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 6, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Winter storms and other strange weather patterns have affected at least one-third of the United States in recent years, with hurricanes and blizzards being among the most cited weather experiences. These extreme weather events have taken a toll on utilities, who have struggled to keep services available to all customers. Aging power grids, maintenance expenses, and the need for upgrades on legacy equipment are putting utilities at a great cost disadvantage as they strive to keep things running smoothly. In some areas of the country, utilities have been taken to task for higher than usual billing of specific populations during extreme weather events. 

However, given the current market conditions: increased European demand for gas resources, a greater reliance stateside on natural gas products following the closure of specific nuclear resources, and a reduced pipeline capacity, utilities have very little leeway when it comes to managing expenses. Protecting your utility’s bottom line while still providing a high level of service to the public is becoming more difficult, but it need not be out of reach. One area that is often overlooked — but easily managed with the proper solution — is your utility’s spending on print resources.

The Importance of a Print Management Solution for Your Bottom Line 

You will need two things to get control of your bottom-line print costs. The first is a partnership with a competent and respected managed services provider (MSP). The second is a custom-tailored managed print software solution that targets your utility’s specific needs and goals. Advantages of using this two-part plan include:

A Proper Assessment of Current Print Costs

When you partner with an MSP, they do not simply install a software solution and walk away. The first step is an in-depth analysis of your current print infrastructure to determine vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. They will identify which devices require replacement, which can be relocated to busier departments, and which can be removed altogether. These changes can help you streamline your workflows, reduce spending on consumables such as ink and toner and paper, and also help reduce energy consumption. 

Operational Efficiency

More uptime for your printers means greater operational efficiency and better overall performance. With an MSP partnership, all maintenance and troubleshooting are included in your monthly fee, so updates, patches, and repairs are all covered. This feature frees up your in-house IT team to focus on more mission-critical tasks and ensures that you have full use of your print devices when you need them. In addition, ongoing reports audit print assets and assist with tracking, cost-per-page calculations, and more, giving you wider visibility into usage and overall costs. 

Workflow Optimization and Security 

A managed print solution (MPS) provides you with the ability to optimize print workflows and can integrate other solutions such as document management and enterprise content management for increased versatility and performance. In addition, access controls and remote monitoring assist with enhanced security and compliance with data protection and privacy requirements. 

Blue Technologies: The Right Partner for Print Management 

Understanding your print spending and controlling it are critical actions for today’s cost-conscious utility. At Blue Technologies, we offer a full array of print management solutions that can be easily integrated with your current infrastructure.

Our team of print and imaging specialists are trained in assessing every aspect of your print architecture to determine the best overall structure for your print environment. We will create a custom-tailored print solution that takes your utility’s needs and challenges into account. Then, we will deploy and manage your solution, bringing you clear visibility into print expenditures and helping you to more closely control and manage costs associated with your print environment. As your utility grows and changes, we will manage your print assets to enhance cost savings while ensuring you have access to the technology and performance you need to provide the high-quality service your customers expect. 

Get control of your utility’s bottom line the easy way. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and gain visibility and control over your print costs today.  

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