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How to Easily Invoice Customers with Document Management

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 6, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Invoicing customers is an integral part of any business. Having complications or inefficiencies at this level can cause serious problems that build up and damage the company.

Here’s what managers need to know about how they can improve customer invoicing through document management services.

The Importance of Efficiency in Customer Invoices and How Managed Solutions Can Help

Businesses who falter with customer invoices suffer losses and lag the competition. While inefficient staff who wait too long to send out in-house managed invoices, other problems can be averted through document management solutions.

The cost of neglecting improvements in customer invoicing is steep. Revenue feeds business and gives it the capital to cover its operating costs. Missing out on payment due to complications at the invoicing stage can add up quickly and overwhelm a firm’s finances.

It All Starts with an Invoicing System

Forget spreadsheets, invoicing systems are the way to go as forward-thinking managers have come to realize. Manually entering information into spreadsheets is not only tedious but costly in terms of time that staff could otherwise be using more productively. Just as there are many types of invoicing, there are many invoicing systems.

Cloud-based invoicing systems allow firms to send invoices electronically which automatically eliminates various costs including, postage, paper, and toner. Firms can also save the headache of manually keeping on top of checking on customers who have not paid the invoice.

Electronic invoicing systems are capable of pinging clients repetitively until paid. Invoicing systems are unquestionably superior to any system that relies on continuous manual entries.

Document Management Solutions from Blue Technologies

One of the most important aspects of document management services is that they can help keep track of invoices and ensure they make it to the correct customers. Some of the costliest mistakes happen when sending invoices to the wrong customers. Not only does this delay actual payment, but it can also upset the recipient by confusing them.

Document Management Platforms with Blue Technologies

Blue Technologies features several document management platforms to accommodate the needs of any business irrespective of their industry. Here are the platforms they offer:

· Papercut

· FileCloud

· Objectif

· Lune

· DocsCorp

· iManage

· Litera Microsystems

· Hyland Software

Introducing Managed Print Services

While managed document services can help firms with customer invoicing, they can make also make a huge difference in operational efficiency. With these services, businesses can enjoy stronger security features.

Some managed print services can even significantly reduce operating costs by offering remanufactured toner and actively monitoring office printers. Active monitoring is one of the cornerstones of what makes managed print services so valuable. By monitoring printers, the managed service can detect problems before they start and apply the proper preventative repairs.

Ordering printing supplies are simplified and made considerably more conservative as managed prints services like Blue Technologies can help firms order supplies at the right time. In today’s competitive and fast-paced market, firms can’t afford to suffer downtime due to running out of ink, paper, or both.

Industries That Stand to Benefit the Most from Managed Services

Certain industries like car rental agencies, banquet halls, and other rental facilities are especially good candidates for managed services as they stand to reap the most benefits. Due to the specificity of their fields, these businesses should take advantage of both managed document and print services to stay competitive.

Blue Technologies offer the best invoicing software and most robust of managed services. These services include print, IT, document, and productivity solutions. Delivered through software and backed by expert support teams based in the United States, Blue Technologies has been pioneering the industry for nearly twenty years.

Choose Blue Technologies for Managed Document and Invoicing and Print Services

Blue Technologies offers the best in service for the price and is a company that can be trusted to optimize customer invoicing like no other. Banquet halls, rental facilities, and other invoice intensive businesses can’t afford not to take advantage of the savings and improvements available from Blue Technologies.

Call Blue Technologies today and start reaping the benefits of optimized customer invoicing using the best invoicing software on the market at a price that can’t be beat. Also be sure to ask about their managed print services.

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