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How Smart Utilities Keep Track of Critical Data Using Document Management

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Sep 7, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Manual data and analog tools — those were the processes most utilities used to conduct their daily operations. Today, utilities are embracing a digital transformation by turning to automated data management tools to increase productivity and efficiency across business processes. By adopting digital strategies, utilities can improve the customer experience and surge ahead of their competition in a hypercompetitive marketplace. 

Since documents are an integral part of business for every utility, it makes sense to apply a technology that can help streamline the document lifecycle to save money, reduce the possibility of human error, and reduce the risk of data theft and loss. The solution: Document management software.

Utilities and Document Management: A Powerful Combination

Utilities and document management are perfect partners when it comes to creating an atmosphere of productivity and efficiency. But they also work well to ensure data privacy and compliance with current regulations — an important feature in this era of increased cyber threats.

  1. Removing Data Silos for Improved Efficiency 

Many utilities have been around for decades — or even longer. Data collected over time can be completely lost, or at least difficult to locate, if it is siloed in various departments. A document management system (DMS) can remove data duplicates and release siloed data, allowing the appropriate personnel to locate what they need quickly and easily. Data analytics and reports generated by a DMS can help utilities locate critical data, reduce unused or unnecessary data, and get more use out of stored information. 

  1. Improving Data Consistency

Utilities frequently work with a number of third-party vendors in the course of business. These vendors often provide documents in the form of PDFs, CADD files, Word Documents, spreadsheets, and others. When dealing with files in varying formats, it is helpful to be able to create a single format accessible for most readers. Modern DMS’ include the ability to automatically convert files to a format that can be used both internally and externally for consistent access to readable data. 

  1. Creating Secure, Compliant Workflows

In today’s digital environment, cybersecurity is a primary concern for most businesses — and that includes utilities. Utilities often handle sensitive or private information and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) places a high responsibility on public utilities to comply with ever-changing regulations such as the CIP Reliability Standards and others. 

Document management becomes a key tool for ensuring data security. It offers access control by allowing administrators to allow — or revoke — information privileges according to need. In addition, auditing features provide a close view of any edits or changes made to information with a complete document history. Using version tracking, all versions of a document can be located, preventing the accidental loss or deletion of data. 

Additionally, automated workflows allow for time-consuming, tedious review processes to move more quickly as documents can be generated, reviewed, and signed digitally and automatically moved from one appropriate authority to another in a controlled and structured manner.

Let Blue Technologies Meet Your Document Management Needs

Cybercriminals are zeroing in on utilities. The public is increasingly worried about grid integrity. Utilities are scrambling to find ways to both reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Fortunately, document management is the perfect tool for the modern utility. It is cost-effective, easy to deploy and maintain, and has a positive return on investment. Not only can it keep your data secure and protected, but it can also contribute to an increase in employee and customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and streamlined business processes that result in higher profitability.

Our document management team at Blue Technologies is equipped with the very latest in DMS software from leaders in the industry. We have curated a variety of tools that can help your utility destroy data silos; improve data consistency; and create streamlined, secure workflows that promote efficiency and data protection.

Help your utility be a leader in your industry by adopting a robust document management system. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and discover how our wide variety of document management tools can help create a more efficient work environment.

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