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How Small Real Estate Firms Can Save Money with Managed Print Services

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Aug 29, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Real-estate agencies are part of one of the most competitive industries in the market. Due to their limited budgets, small real-estate firms face tough challenges when trying to compete against larger agencies with deeper pockets. Anything that can help them get ahead is a golden opportunity.

The Unique Printing Needs of Small Real-Estate Agencies

Despite their size, small real-estate firms have intensive printing needs. Think of all the pamphlets they have to print for daily distribution. With massive amounts of contracts and other important files, these firms generate a great deal of paperwork.

One of the best overall solutions that can cater to the needs of small real estate firms, making them more secure, efficient, and productive, are managed print services.

What Are Managed Print Services and How Can They Help Small Real Estate Firms?

Managed print services offer several benefits. Companies can expect results in cost savings, receive printing support, and solutions to productivity. Technology providers apply their expertise to obtain observations of document processes. By implementing a customized central system, any business can significantly reduce costs and optimize output. Companies can reflect results ranging from 20% to 40% in printing cost reduction.

Instead of outsourcing specialty print projects, save money, and do it in house. Maximize savings by utilizing a managed print service.

Bolster Security with an MPS

Another critical benefit that managed print services offer small real estate firms is state-of-the-art security at an affordable price. Real estate firms are in dire need of protection when it comes to cybercrime. Think small real estate offices aren’t a target, think again.

Consider all of the personal and financial information that passes thru the office printer every day at an average real estate office. The sheer number of addresses, names, social security numbers, and employment information represents a treasure trove for hackers and other cybercriminals.

Customer financial information, including assets like stocks, bonds, and bank account information are all prime targets.

Don’t find out how just how uncomfortable a data breach can be, seek out professional protection from a reliable managed print service. An MPS can protect office printers with sophisticated software. Products like Blue Protect also give customers the added security of 24/7 monitoring and real-time support.

How to Choose the Right Partner in Managed Print Services

Comprehensive print services provide document accounting, device administration, cost recovery, and more. Take advantage of the many conveniences that managed print services has to offer. Let's utilize available alert systems that make them aware of necessitated service calls and take care of the need. Reduce real estate office downtime by relying on a MPS tech to solve print issues proactively.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Dependable, managed print service providers offer 24/7 remote monitoring, providing real estate offices with pertinent information regarding benchmarks and reports to facilitate optimal decisions.

Build an exclusive relationship with an experienced managed service provider that is accustomed to the printer/copier services, supplies, budget consideration, and more; all of which meets the unique needs of a small real estate office.

When selecting the right print service provider, real estate firms need to ask several questions, such as how knowledgeable they are in scalability, security, system integration, and sustainability.

Seek a managed print service that offers more control over printing costs. Alleviate the pressure of the responsibility in accounting for price per page, maintenance, and support of the office printing system.

Ensure Systems Security

In different areas all across the world, 150,000 printers were hacked. The hacker hijacked printers to print messages. In other cases, it is much more severe. In another example, a white hat hacker manipulated printers remotely showcasing security flaws. Their motive was to expose the breadth of the security problem and highlight simple solutions.

Make the Change with Blue Technologies

Change from unexpected printing spending to predictable printing costs with Blue Technologies. Take advantage of the consolidated support and expenses. Reduce printing system routine maintenance with the automation capabilities, experience the powerful security software features, and expect higher productivity results with lower downtime in service.

Experience the benefits of managed print services firsthand, with Blue Technologies, one of the most respected service providers in Ohio. Small real estate firms who partner with Blue Technologies can count on them for the best service for their business. Blue Technologies understands the real estate business and is perfectly positioned to cater to their unique needs.

Get Blue Technologies on the line and inquire about how their managed print services can help small real-estate firms outperform the competition.

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