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How Print Media Can Boost Brands

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 28, 2022 9:00:00 AM

The last two years have been fraught with uncertainty for most businesses, regardless of industry. As the ongoing pandemic continues to contribute to supply chain woes and other disruptions, businesses are searching for ways to stay relevant — and get a jump on the competition. In fact, many companies tag greater competitiveness as one of their top goals for the coming year, making brand awareness a key objective. 

Creating brand awareness can position your company for greater expansion and a healthier bottom line. And while some companies are pushing toward a greater digital presence, smart businesses are leveraging the considerable power of print media to help them stand apart from the crowd.

The Power of Print Media for Creating Brand Awareness

Print media sets itself apart by being more enduring — a critical element since it takes up to seven (and as few as five) impressions for a prospective customer to remember your brand.  And print media is versatile, consisting of more than just brochures and flyers. Packaging, postcards, coupons, business cards, decals, and more can all contribute to a powerful and effective print marketing campaign. Advantages offered by print marketing include:

The Power of Physicality 

People remember things they have read on physical paper longer than they do things they see or read in the digital realm. For this reason alone, printed advertising has a jump on its digital counterparts. Need another reason why physical branding efforts are better? How about the fact that physical marketing such as business cards, brochures, and flyers typically stick around in the prospect’s wallet, car, or desk longer, providing those all-important views that contribute to brand awareness.

A Boost for Your Credibility

Print media is synonymous with credibility. Brands are always looking for ways to get their names in print publications for the boost it can give to their authority and credibility. Authority helps increase your reputation and your reach, helping people choose your business over others when it is time to buy.

An Uncrowded Platform

Importantly, print media provide an uncrowded platform upon which to showcase your goods, services, and unique selling proposition (USP). Digital media is saturated with voices, each trying to be louder and more visible than the next. This exodus to digital advertising means that your company can differentiate itself faster — and less expensively — by using a print media strategy in addition to, or instead of, digital channels.

The One Thing You Need to Make Print Media Work for You

Now that you know why print media is such a powerful marketing tool, let’s explore what you need to get started. It’s really quite simple — you just need a printer. You can start small with a full-color inkjet office printer or, if you want to expand the amount and types of media you can use for your print strategy, you can choose a wide format printer or a production printer. 

Wide format printers allow you to print large scale collateral such as banners, posters, car wraps, and wall decals on a variety of media including vinyl, glass, wood, metal, canvas, and more, for the ultimate branded print campaign. If you plan on printing large numbers of postcards, flyers, or other collateral, you may want to consider a production-level machine that can produce high quality print materials fast, with professional finishing results. 

Ready for Print? Call Blue Technologies 

If you want to jumpstart your branding efforts this year and really get ahead of the competition, now is the time to arm your marketing team with a printer — or printers — that can help you do just that. 

At Blue Technologies, we work with leaders in the print and imaging industry such as Lexmark, KIP, and Konica Minolta to bring you the best, most efficient printers for your print marketing needs. We know that while some companies might benefit from a high-powered production-level print device, not everyone needs this degree of sophistication to run an effective print marketing campaign.  That is why our team of print experts will help you assess your goals and challenges. Together we can determine which features are most critical for the jobs you want to print so you can choose the right printer for your needs — and your budget. 

Take your place in front of your competitors. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and discover how our suite of printers can help you expand your marketing efforts simply and cost-effectively.

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