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How ECM can Benefit Pharmacies

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 22, 2019 8:15:00 AM

The pharmacy world is full of red tape and complications. Anything that can simplify operations in the pharmacy environment is a significant advantage that no pharmacy should be without. Here's what pharmacies need to know about enterprise content management, and how it can help make pharmacies smarter, smoother, and markedly more efficient.

What Is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content management is comprised of ways of directing all of the lifecycles of a business' content, including documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, and images. Using ECM improves all productivity, creates an efficient workflow, and increases customer service by eliminating paper.

ECM can help:

• Delete and access info quick where and whenever

• Gets rid of paperwork and keep records organized, even not in paper form

• Improves the organization of data, having access to cross-referencing

Using ECM in Pharmacies

The use of ECM in pharmacies can help their workflow, with technology changing constantly. With the newer ways of keeping records and signing for prescriptions, pharmacies will need to use ECM to keep things up to date, and safe. ECM can also be used to do inventory, keeping things straight and organized.

ECM can help prevent HIPAA violations and breeches. It can also keep costs down, saving money on not having to buy as much paper and ink. Customers can benefit from this by using their phones to order their refills without having to call or go into the pharmacy. ECM can also help customers with getting their prescriptions delivered to them, as well as keeping their info safe.

The Importance of Improving Speed and Time to Market

Speed and the time to market are two of the single most important areas for improvement in pharmacies today. The advantages in record keeping and document management are critical to unique businesses like pharmacies. Think of the masses of documents that flow through these organizations. The sheer volume of these documents quickly creates bottlenecks and make logistical planning a nightmare.

Many who work in the pharmacy world are well are of this and are grasping for anything that can help stop the madness. With enterprise content management services, it’s incredibly easy to access, manage, measure, and integrate documents through ought the facility.

Like other organizations, pharmacies that fail to bring products to market fast enough suffer. The loss in customers and sales is extremely damaging. Lagging in this area can make a severe difference in the bottom line. For every product that is not brought to market quickly enough, a competitor will release one and siphon sales that could have been captured.

Finding the Right Fit, ECM and Document Management Services

To see the highest ROI on document management services and ECM, firms need to find a reliable partner to do business with. Trust should be the number one factor as these services will be interacting instead closely with company systems. Being a pharmacy means that security is even more critical.

Pharmacies are custodians of sensitive customer information. In addition to organizing this information, pharmacies need to be able to protect that information. While pharmacies can typically not afford to hire in-house data security professionals, they can rely on managed document services from companies like Blue Technologies to keep customer information locked up tight.

The ability to easily access customer data efficiently without compromising its security is one of the single most important factors that can drive success in a pharmacy. Customers who experience long wait times due to inefficiencies in document management can go across the street to another pharmacy who runs a tighter ship. Don't fall behind competitors, get the advantages of ECM, and managed document services to stay ahead of the game and keep customers both safe and satisfied.

Get the Right ECM Tools from Blue Technologies

The benefits of ECM are so significant and prolific that pharmacies today can't afford to take advantage of these tools. With a partner like blue Technologies supplying advanced ECM services, any pharmacy can see a severe difference in their productivity levels. Their enterprise content management services can help pharmacies retain customers and ease expansion to attract new ones.

Blue Technologies can provide all office tech pharmacies need, including managed print services, IT solutions, and productivity solutions.

Experience the advantage of Blue Technologies, get products to market faster and grow faster with ECM solutions.

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