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How Outsourced IT Can Help Your Fitness Center Thrive Post-COVID

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 4, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Fitness clubs, typically places where large numbers of people congregate to get healthy, were hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic. First, health clubs were shut down completely, and even with a reduction in coronavirus numbers, there are still statewide or regional closures underway.

To cope, many gyms are implementing new procedures to minimize health and safety concerns, including:

· Enhanced cleaning

· Disinfectant stations

· Reduction of members allowed entrance to meet social distancing guidelines (5 per 1000 square feet or as required by local mandates)

· Social distancing signage

· Online classes and training

· Online updates and instructions for health and safety measures

Of those, the most impactful shift has been to an online class and training format and online communications.

A virtual class means your members can continue their workouts in the relative safety of their own homes — without the danger of sharing showers, equipment, or floor space with other, potentially infected individuals.

Many health clubs and fitness centers do not have an IT help desk to assist members — or staff — with technical issues when something goes wrong with their virtual offerings.

That lack of assistance can add to the frustration, reduce customer satisfaction, and reduce memberships over time — something most gyms can’t afford.

For many, the right answer to this pressing issue is outsourced IT.

Outsourced IT: The Right Answer to Online Fitness

More fitness centers are moving to a hybrid or completely virtual setup to avoid losses and keep business — and their members — moving.

Recently, Barry’s Bootcamp has gone to an online format, Equinox gyms are live-streaming classes, and related businesses like Lululemon are picking up online fitness companies to boost their portfolios.

Even virtual schools are opting for online fitness classes, replacing the traditional gym class with virtual choices. Students can choose their activities, get monitored by online staff and parents in real-time, and learn how to stay healthy, even during a lockdown.

All these organizations have one thing in common: Serving their members through a virtual portal.

Virtual classes and online communications require no small bit of IT finesse to keep them on track and running smoothly. Using an outsourced IT provider, fitness centers can keep members happy through a virtual IT help desk and focus their time on overall member satisfaction.

The (Very) Real Benefits of Outsourced IT for Your Online Gym

Outsourced IT takes the stress and pressure off in-house staff to help members who are having difficulty accessing virtual classes, getting in the loop for online communications, or even accessing your gym’s website.

A managed IT solution will put the targeted knowledge of IT experts at your staff’s and members’ fingers to help them sort out technical glitches and keep access to online amenities open. With outsourcing, members can get the help they need any time of the day or night — 24/7 — so they can work out whenever the spirit moves them.

This value-added benefit can keep members satisfied and help your membership numbers grow — keeping your fitness center healthier as the pandemic continues.

Blue Technologies Can Provide the Outsourced IT Services You Need

At Blue Technologies, we understand how difficult — and frustrating — it can be when your website crashes, your lines of communication with customers go down, or your virtual fitness classes can’t be accessed.

Fortunately, there is a simple, easy, and cost-effective way to prevent all these disasters — partnering with our team of IT experts to bring the power of outsourced IT to your health center.

Imagine if all your IT maintenance and updates were taken care of without anyone on your staff having to lift a finger? Or, if your members could call a single number to resolve issues with their virtual classes?

Our certified experts can not only keep your technology running at capacity, but we can also help you reduce network costs, set up a virtual portal if you don’t already have one, and even protect members’ sensitive data from cyber threats, theft, and losses.

Take your fitness center to the next level by offering members a way to stay healthy — virtually. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and learn how our team of IT experts can help your gym provide state-of-the-art classes and support to keep your members happy.

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