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How Museums Can Create Cutting-Edge Marketing with In-House Wide Format Print Technology

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Dec 29, 2022 8:30:00 AM

Art museums — and museums in general — are experiencing a drastic decrease in attendance since the onset of the pandemic. Even extremely popular museums such as the Musée du Louvre saw almost three-quarter fewer guests in 2020. In response, many museums are looking for new and creative way to use technology to engage their audiences — and draw them back into their doors.

While some have used online virtual tours to boost interest, others are concentrating on immersive exhibitions that provide visual and tactile experiences for guests. And to advertise these innovative new trends, museums must have visual collateral that reflects the high standards that curated art and objects require.

That is why more venues are turning to wide format print technology to boost the presence and quality of in-person marketing materials.

Using In-House Wide Format Print to Boost Museum Attendance

Getting attention is tough in today’s era of overstimulation. People are bombarded with digital signs and signals virtually all day, through smartphones, tablets, digital signage, and even their desktop computers. That is why print marketing is still such a powerful strategy. High quality print marketing is engaging without being pushy — fitting perfectly with the tone of most museums. Typically a museum might use the following to generate engagement and spread information about upcoming events:

  • Artwork reprints
  • Signs and internal and external cladding
  • Window graphics
  • Information boards
  • Printed banners for indoors and outdoors
  • Wall or floor graphics
  • Collateral printed on unconventional materials such as wood, plastic, or glass

Fortunately, each one of these pieces can be easily created using a wide-format printer.

Why Wide Format Print Technology is Perfect for the Art World

Wide format printers are the luxury products of the print and imaging industry. Because they can print on so many different media using a wide range of ink products, they are the perfect pieces of equipment to showcase creativity, innovation, and versatility. 

Bringing a wide-format printer in-house offers many advantages to your museum or exhibition hall. First, you have complete control over color range and output, meaning that you can reproduce photos or facsimiles of art on display in rich, brilliant, true to life color. If you wish to make creative changes, those are in your hands as well, allowing your marketing team to print even short runs of creative projects without the worry of extra charges or fees for changes.

Easy to use software such as Canva as well as software inherent with your printer can help museum staff create compelling visuals that invite further engagement and help you interface more easily with your target audience. 

Most importantly, wide format printers allow you to print bold, oversized graphics and images that can stand out on a city block, inside a voluminous display area, or even on a museum van. Most museums have ample square footage to display their collections, so small graphics can get easily overlooked. The ability to print marketing pieces that are in line with the expansiveness of the building is critical for the proper impact.

Explore the Wide Range of Printer Choices at Blue Technologies 

We know that museums, like other businesses, are interested in making smart investments and keeping their costs lower. That’s why we have an expansive range of wide-format printer that can work with every need — and every budget. 

At Blue Technologies, we have created relationships with leaders in the print and imaging industry to bring our clients only the finest wide format printer available. Bringing one in-house is an upfront investment that will pay huge dividends down the line as you are able to control exactly what — and how much — marketing materials you print. Forget extra charges for more color or fees for change orders. An in-house wide format printer gives your staff the control they need over the creativity and impact of your marketing strategy. 

Amplify your creativity and start getting the foot traffic your museum needs. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant to learn how our extensive selection of wide format printers can help you produce stunning, high-quality images at a cost that is kind to your budget. 

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