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How Managed Services Can Help Contractors Stay Ahead of Schedule

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 25, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Staying ahead of schedule is every contractor’s dream, but it doesn’t have to be an unachievable one. With so many moving parts in a project, it can be exceedingly difficult to stay atop each development in a project. It’s necessary. In fields such as construction and engineering, one misstep is unacceptable. The best contractors understand this and leverage every opportunity they must maintain visibility and contact with their team. How? The answer is deceptively simple: managed services.

Managed services – both for printing and IT infrastructure – represent one of the best-kept secrets for contractors. Whether on construction job sites, in engineering consulting, or project management for architectural firms, contractors leverage managed services to keep pace with their projects and stay ahead of schedule.

How Managed Services Benefit Contractors

Think managed services are only for offices and businesses with multiple departments? Think again. Even small organizations and independent contractors leverage the valuable capabilities which managed services can provide. Managed services benefit contractors by allowing them to:

1. Outsource to Professionals and Specialists

Most contractors are experts in their fields, spending years honing their skills to become the best at what they do. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these professionals are also specialists in IT-related topics or display an in-depth knowledge of the printing industry. In contrast, managed service providers are. They cut to the chase by giving contractors the exact tools and infrastructure they need to succeed at their jobs.

2. Get a Good Look at Project Needs

With managed services, contractors can bring on third-party specialists for printing and IT management on an on-going basis, or for a specific project. A managed service provider will assess the printing or IT needs, creating yet another layer of analysis for the contractor to consider in the context of his or her project. Increased visibility of needs means more appropriate bids, more accurate scheduling, and more organized operations.

3. Control Costs at the Source

Like other business models, contractors benefit from the ability of managed services to help them control costs at the source. For managed printing, this means reduced resource consumption and less time spent outsourcing printing. With managed IT services, contractors enjoy fixed costs and support when or where they need it. Controlling costs at the source helps drive down operating expenses, allowing contractors to focus their investments where it matters.

4. Improve Risk Management Strategies

Construction and engineering are risky ventures. They have no room for mistakes because mistakes can prove deadly. However, even if a contractor isn’t operating in these fields, risk management strategies are worth the investment. Contractors may handle sensitive information or develop products – all these activities carry an inherent risk. Managed services can help manage this risk by giving contractors the ability to increase security, backup important files, and shift the burden of compliance to professionals who are aware of the regulations.

5. Stay Available and Productive

Managed services can introduce the infrastructure which contractors need to stay available to their teams; helping teams stay on the same page. Managed services also deploy cloud-based solutions to improve project accessibility, helping to prevent costly delays.

6. Make a Savvy First Impression

Contractors can make a savvy first impression by showing clients that they use up-to-date technology and the latest best practices. Whether it’s industry-specific hardware or software or tools which make communicating plans, proposals, and blueprints easier, the right technology sends a strong message about a contractor’s commitment to his or her profession.

7. Collaborate to Create and Innovate Faster

Technology impacts the world by the amount of collaboration it fosters in business environments. Contractors – who liaison with teams, clients, manufacturers, and business partners – routinely collaborate to create and innovate in their field. A managed service provider can assist with this by recommending the best tools for collaboration which work alongside existing business processes.

Contractors Benefit From Managed Services

Managed services are useful for more than merely large companies. Contractors, who often have their startups, can also benefit from the expert guidance of specialists. The unique nature of a contractor’s job and work environment means that they must seize any opportunity to remain organized and efficient to stay on schedule. Fortunately, managed services are uniquely suited to this challenge. Smart contractors make use of them.

Blue Technologies works with engineering and architectural contractors to create seamless, professional print and IT ecosystems. Contact us today to learn more.

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