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How Managed Printing at Multiple Locations Helps Companies Serve Tourists

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 12, 2019 9:05:54 AM

Operating a successful tourist location like a theme park or large resort requires a large deployment of technology. The more separate sites a location entails, the more technology is required and the more important it is to continually monitor devices and software to ensure they’re continuously available to help guests enjoy the best possible experience.

One of the most important ways tourist locations do this is by investing in the power of managed print services.

5 Ways Managed Print Services Benefits Tourist Locations

Managed print services (MPS) refer to the practice of companies outsourcing their printing needs to third-party experts. At Blue Technologies, a wide array of companies from across a myriad of different industries depend on us to make sure they’re able to meet their most ambitious goals as far as printing is concerned.

Here are five ways our MPS can help popular, multisite tourist attractions do so.

1. Automate Necessary Maintenance Work

Depending on the size of a location, the company may need a number of different printers to meet daily requirements like printing:

  • Customer Receipts
  • Daily Bulletins
  • Meal Menus
  • Staff Announcements

Plenty of internal documents (e.g., contracts, emergency plans, etc.) need to be printed regularly, too.

These kinds of demands represent an ongoing need for supply fulfillment, maintenance calls, and more. With managed print services, our team will monitor the business’ printing use, anticipating their needs, and meeting them without ever requiring so much as a phone call.

2. Reduce the Likelihood of Downtime

Given the many requirements as mentioned earlier, a tourism location may face regular downtime that must be avoided at all costs. Even if just one printer quits working, a company could find it challenging to provide guests with the experience they expected. For example, merely having to reroute from where receipts print, could result in unnecessary delays when guests are first signing in – not a great first impression.

Our managed printer management tools were designed to prevent downtime and the damaging ripple effect it can have. A team of techs is constantly overseeing each of our clients’ printing environments to make certain that these kinds of issues are never a problem.

3. Benefit from Greater Visibility

Aside from our team of tech experts constantly watching over clients’ printing environments, our print management software allows these companies to do the same at a moment’s notice. Clients have 24/7 access to data about their print fleet that is accessible from anywhere.

Every tourist-attraction company has specific requirements regarding this kind of data. Clients tell us what type of information will better help them make important decisions and we create the type of report that provides it in an easily-accessible manner.

One common example of this kind of reporting is the type that shows printing-related benchmarks. Such reports show companies what their printing practices look like on a weekly, monthly, yearly, and seasonal basis, which empowers them to make decisions about reducing costs and unnecessary waste.

4. Enjoy Optimal Device Performance

Optimal device performance isn’t just about reducing the likelihood of suffering from downtime. It’s also about ensuring the device works for as long as possible, so tourist-friendly companies aren’t spending unnecessary sums on replacing equipment that breaks down prematurely.

Our team of experts even carry out the necessary updates. This is especially important because missing updates leaves companies vulnerable to cyber attacks.

5. Realize Greater Budget Visibility

Every company needs to keep an eye on their budget. This is especially true for those that rely on tourists, though. Throughout the year, their business may fluctuate greatly depending on when customers are most likely to visit them. Mismanaging their budgets could lead to major financial problems during those seasons when they don’t see as many tourists.

At Blue Technologies, we’ve helped companies like this by making it easy for them to assess how much they’re spending and provide them with reliable quotes for every month of the year. There are never any surprises when we’re in charge of monitoring printing-related budget spending.

Utilize Managed Print Services to Give Your Guests the Best Possible Experience

Keeping printers on the same network makes it easier for employees to access them from any site across an entire property.

With our managed print services, tourist-friendly companies enjoy those benefits and the advantages of having our team of experts monitoring their printing environment constantly to ensure they can best serve guests.

Contact us today to learn more about how our managed print services can serve your company’s specific needs.

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