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How Managed Print Services Speed Up Assembly Line Production

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 31, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Ever since Ransom Olds invented assembly line production in the late 1890s, manufacturing has been dominated by concepts of efficiency. Assembly lines are characterized by the addition of parts to semi-assembled items as they move from workstation to workstation. Today, it’s the most common method of producing complex objects such as automobiles, household appliances, and many electronics.

Manufacturing facilities must match that level of efficiency in all aspects of their business operations to remain truly competitive. However, they’re still subject to many of the trappings of office processes – including printing. However, since business processes aren’t the primary concern of workers on the floor, it may not be obvious how streamlining processes like printing can drive higher levels of productivity.

Six Ways Managed Print Services Accelerate Assembly Line Production

Managed print services involve the introduction of a third-party team of specialists to take over the printing functions of an office or a warehouse. They help accelerate assembly line production by:

1. Introducing the Correct Printers for the Job

Warehouses are something of an extreme environment for printers. In addition to heavy use in a less than perfect environment, these facilities are often unheated or lacking air conditioning. Many warehouses may find themselves routinely replacing printers which wear out and break. This can lead to the notion that it’s better to invest in a cheap device which will cost the company less when it needs to replace it.

However, a managed print service provider can help an organization identify the best models to withstand such an environment. Additionally, these specialists are also trained to identify printing needs and recommend the devices with the features appropriate to the job. With a managed print service provider, the warehouse gets the correct printer for the job the first time around.

2. Reduce Device Costs

Like other organizations, warehouses may fall prey to hidden printing costs. These are unforeseen expenses such as supply runs, outsourced jobs, or maintenance requirements which end up costing a company more. A managed print service helps control these costs by introducing print tracking, automated supply replenishment, and devices which use consumables efficiently.

3. Maximizing Warehouse Efficiency

Having the correct tools is only part of the solution. Even the best quality printer isn’t going to do anything if it’s not used correctly. A managed print service helps ensure that the staff feels empowered to take full advantage of their new devices. This may involve employee training and support, or the implementation of specific features customized for the environment at hand.

Additionally, managed print services take over rote tasks of printer management. This includes maintenance, supply management, and security. The organization will spend less time managing printers, and more time managing products on the assembly line.

4. Improving Access to Labels, Invoices or Paper Inserts

Many companies assemble, package, and ship products all from the same warehouse. This means they need access to labels, invoices, or other paper inserts to accompany the product. However, it can prove incredibly time-consuming for workers to need to go across the floor to access the printer in another department. Likewise, needing to wait on the arrival of printed materials can slow down the entire production process if anything arrives late.

A reliable printer can significantly assist with this, especially when it’s looked after by a managed print service provider. By introducing a centralized printer in a strategic location, all users who need to be able to print on demand can access these capabilities.

5. Digitize Physical Documents

Manufacturers need to be able to communicate rapidly with other departments and partners. From conveying plans to passing along reports, a managed print service can equip the warehouse with the tools it needs to digitize physical documents and send them to the desired recipients without hassle.

6. Maintaining Document Security

Manufacturing plants may not be handling sensitive healthcare or financial information, making the risk of a cyberattack or theft of sensitive data seem like a distant concept. Trade secrets pass across the floor every day. These are pieces of knowledge which, if they fell into a competitor’s hands, could prove damaging to a company’s profits.

A managed print service can help defend against the numerous security threats which threaten document and data security. By ensuring safe printers and networks, a managed print service ensures that no critical data is ever lost or stolen, no matter how trivial it may seem.

Increase Production With the Right Printer

Assembly line production delivers increased production rates, helping a company remain agile and efficient. A managed print service, such as those offered by Blue Technologies, can help a warehouse achieve maximum productivity in all its operations.

Blue Technologies specializes in helping companies refine their business processes for increased output by implementing the correct technology. Contact us today to get started!

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