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How Managed Print Services is Expanding Capabilities for Print Houses

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 4, 2020 9:45:00 AM

It’s common for production print companies to face the same challenges as any other business. Technologies become outdated, new competitors emerge, budgets stagnate, and clients still demand superior service at an affordable price. There’s also the question of waste and tracking of every print that the company produces. In commercial printing, not keeping track of every print run or proof can quickly add up.

Print houses offer a full suite of services. They provide the design for the project, the production of the materials, and may even include a fulfillment service such as mailing or distribution. One way the company can expand its offering and improve its production processes is with managed printing. It’s an innovative strategy to regain control over current printing operations and an opportunity to increase services, generate new revenues, and save on costs.

What is Managed Printing?

Managed printing is the first step in regaining control over printing costs. Using software solutions to track every print, the company gains insights into their daily consumption and can implement controls to reduce waste. It’s usually part of a broader offering called Managed Print Services (MPS). With MPS, companies gain access to service, maintenance, supplies, new technology, and complete device management and print tracking.

The MPS industry continues to grow every year as more companies realize the benefits it provides. Forecasts suggest it will grow at 5% CAGR from 2020 to 2024. The solution is also available for production print companies, print houses, and commercial printers.

4 Benefits of MPS for Ohio Print Houses

Production print companies need to shave margins and reduce costs wherever they can. MPS allows them to rein in costs, upgrade to more modern and versatile production printers or presses, and establish an effective workflow to reduce errors.

An MPS solution can assist organizations in embracing digital transformation and streamlining operations. It is a sustainable strategy for print houses in Ohio. Here are the four main benefits of MPS for production print companies.

1. Increased Oversight and Reduced Cost

Modern printing presses and production printers have advanced software that integrates with the rest of the IT infrastructure. The company can track every job to device, department, or user. By understanding the current practices that could lead to waste, the business can establish policies that prevent them in the future. The latest production printers also cost less to operate than older generation devices. The company can gain additional savings by using less ink and power to produce the same (or better) quality materials.

2. Consolidated Large-Scale Printing Technologies

The advances in production print technologies make having multiple different machines to accomplish one job obsolete. Today’s digital production printers come with integrated finishing technologies, supports a wide variety of media types, and have advanced proofing capabilities. Print houses can consolidate multiple devices into a single platform that streamlines their processes and speeds up production. They can also reduce the number of test runs with accurate color matching and proofing, helping them save money while operating more productively.

3. Expanded Service Offerings by Keeping It In-House

With an integrated printing platform, the company can offer more services to their customers. Instead of outsourcing certain functions, they can keep it in-house and generate more revenues for the business. This benefits both the customer and the company, as they no longer have to rely on the quality and speed of a third party. Devices also have additional functionality that can help the company penetrate other production sectors not previously covered.

4. Integrated Workflows and Productivity Tools

Releasing the wrong job for production incurs unnecessary costs. The latest production printing presses have integration with workflow solutions that can help the company prevent errors. Instead of just sending a file to the printer, the business can use an approval process before releasing any print job to the floor. The company can also keep track of every job and its approval in an audit trail if there was a mistake. This helps the company to control the flow of work and, at the same time, eliminate careless errors creeping into their operations.

Reduce Large-Scale Printing Costs with a Production Solution from Blue Technologies in Ohio

Blue Technologies in Ohio can help printing houses establish a sustainable strategy with modern production printing platforms and managed to print. With a full MPS solution from Blue Technologies, companies that need advanced commercial printing solutions gain access to the latest technologies, servicing, and supplies at a single monthly cost.

We have a variety of digital printing solutions suitable for any large-scale printing environment. Our specialists will work with the company to understand their current operations and recommend a custom-fit solution for the organization. Blue Technologies will monitor the fleet remotely and can provide productivity tools such as automated workflows to help streamline all production operations.

If you would like to discuss our large-scale printing platforms or if you need to adopt managed printing services, get in touch with Blue Technologies in Ohio today.

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