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How Managed Print Services can improve your Law Firm

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 3, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Due to the history and nature of litigation, the law profession remains one of the most document heavy business operations. The regular need for triplicate copies, detailed case law research, and contractual reviews with subsequent revisions, makes the printing room one of the biggest overheads for most law firms.

With many stakeholders involved in every aspect of the process, the creation and distribution of legal documents is a discipline unto itself. Keeping track of prints and copies is a labor-intensive exercise. With many of these activities being billable to clients, exact controls usually require human intervention.

Additional compliance requirements, like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Formal Opinion 477R, from the American Bar Association compounds the problem. Even new standards such as the AICPA’s Statement of Controls (SOC) Type 1 and 2 Reports determine how to store and manage a client’s personal information safely. Requiring law firms to conduct regular audits to ensure they remain compliant.

Using Managed Print Services Streamlines the Processes

With features that drive compliance, modern Multifunction Devices (MFDs) can enhance productivity. They need to be reliable, well stocked, and multi-featured to achieve this. With strict requirements for information security in the legal profession, MFDs can also bring risk into the office.

Often overlooked in the Information Security Policy, scammers target modern printers for exploits. To prevent this, MFDs need end-to-end encryption and access control features. If the device is part of a networked fleet, the software used to manage the fleet also need protection.

To take full advantage of the benefits an MFD can offer, integrating them with other law office technologies further enhances efficiencies. Having a cost-effective printing solution is only the first step in bringing down document-related costs.

Software that improves document quality reduces reprints. Usage tracking and print accounting integration help provide accurate billing information. There are many ways to improve the overall ROI when deciding to move to a managed print services provider.

ECM Software Improves Office Collaboration

Combining MFDs with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is the best way to achieve bigger efficiencies for law practices. Collaboration tools reduce prints, while proofreading and document formatting can be standardized and automated.

A good record management process requires secure storage with easy retrieval under conditions of controlled disclosure. It also needs to capture records from multiple sources (emails, scans, network drives) and file them in the correct taxonomy.

Using ECM solutions like iManage and litigation specific tools like Paper Cut Legal along with a sophisticated MFD greatly reduces the necessity for prints.

Specialized Litigation Software

The number one requirement for legal documentation is accuracy. Litigators spend a great deal of time composing and reviewing documents. Using software to reduce the amount of work required in preparing accurate, court-ready documents eliminate wasteful printing. It also frees up resources to focus on more productive tasks.

Litigation Companion and Paper Cut Legal integrate with ECM solutions, building a complete document management process that reduces the overhead. Contract Lifecycle Management and Change Management can also be part of the offerings.

When deciding on whether to move to a managed print services provider, it’s necessary to investigate all available efficiencies. The best companies will be able to provide expert advice that remains specific to the discipline involved.

Key Benefits of Adopting a Managed Print Services Solution

By adopting the service provider model, law firms can build complete, integrated solutions that reduce costs and improve control. With device maintenance and services handled, reduction of printer downtimes further drives productivity.

An MFD as part of an integrated solution makes billing cycles more accurate. At a single monthly cost, budgets are consistent, and any usage changes detected early. With modern devices having smaller footprints and more features, a tailor-made solution will enhance any law practice’s efficiencies.

Blue Technologies specialized Legal Managed Print Services

Blue Technologies serves as an expert managed print services provider. With a Legal and Professional Services team that has more than fifteen years of industry experience, they can provide the best solution for any law firm.

In addition to a product range that includes the latest devices from all major manufacturers, Blue Technologies provides expert advice to legal teams and offices. As part of the assessment, they can highlight additional opportunities to realize extra savings.

There are many documents produced, managed, and distributed during the daily operations of a law firm. Not regularly reviewing the cost of the total process could mean wasting potential revenue.

For an assessment or consultation on your Managed Print Services requirements, contact Blue Technologies to gain control of runaway printing costs. With over twenty-five years of industry experience, they will find the best in class solution for you.

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