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How Managed Print Services Can Help Marketing Firms Boost Productivity

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Sep 17, 2019 9:15:00 AM

These days, it’s not just offices in the midst of modernizing who need managed print services. Even digitally savvy enterprises such as marketing firms can take advantage of the efficiency and boosts in productivity, which managed print services deliver. After all, marketing firms rely on their printers in other ways than merely producing as many pages of text as fast as possible.

However, like other businesses, marketing firms need to focus on business processes and delivering superior products to clients. Therefore, a managed print service (MPS) provider can help turn a marketing print environment into a lean, productive environment which delivers stunning, effective collateral. Here’s how.

Remove Printing Clutter

Printing clutter – the collection of documents, devices, supplies, Rolodexes full of fax numbers, or any other printing accouterment – saps a printing room of its productive potential. Consider removing print clutter in two ways:

1. Get a Managed Print Service Assessment

Enlist the help of a managed print service provider to conduct an assessment.  A managed print service assessment can help a business spot clutter, even when it doesn’t look like it. Clutter might include outdated or poorly functioning devices which need to be reworked or replaced. Likewise, it might consist of the pile of supplies with which employees have been attempting to make do but aren’t appropriate for the tasks at hand – or specialty supplies that employees used to print one-off jobs for a client.

2. Free up Digital Space Too

In 2019, more and more businesses are rethinking – and redesigning – their print environment. However, even if an office has adopted a modern multifunction printer, digital clutter may remain. That might include files on the printer’s hard drive that are slowing down the device. It might also mean hitting the refresh button printer settings or job queues where jobs have remained stuck.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

Having the wrong tools can hamstring operations – so can misusing the right tools. Managed services help marketing firms make the most of their infrastructure by assisting them to:

1. Refine Processes Through Device Redeployment

It’s common for marketing firms to invest in specialized, single-function printers. After all, these devices provide the printing power necessary to create aesthetically brilliant pieces of marketing material and represent a core function of the firm. A managed print service provider can help marketing firms get the most out of their current devices through:

  • Analyzing the physical layout of an office and strategically positioning printers for maximum access – one of the best ways to improve office productivity.
  • Working with a printing department to understand the full range of possibilities with the settings.
  • Leveraging existing but underutilized print technology, such as integration software or connectivity features.

2. Use the Right Cartridges, Papers, and Devices

Achieving maximum productivity in a print environment also involves using the right tools and supplies with each device. A managed print service can provide expert guidance in this area, delivering insights which lead to higher productivity, savings, and efficiency. Some examples of how this might occur:

  • Recommendations for paper types that are more versatile across projects
  • High-yield and remanufactured cartridges to cut waste and costs
  • Introducing devices which scale to printing needs as the company grows, or devices which deliver the quality which marketing firms need and the versatility to make them cost-effective

Leverage Integration and Automation

Like other businesses, marketing firms need to work quickly – their industry is tied directly to market opportunities which may appear or disappear in a flash. Therefore, integration and automation play a quintessential role in improving print productivity in these firms. Why?

1. Integrated Printers Drive Productivity

How easy it is to access a printer translates directly to productivity. Why not make printers accessible to users via their desktop? For marketing firms, this delivers several benefits, including the ability to more effectively leverage soft previews or send and receive faxes directly from a computer.

2. Automatic Settings Improve Collateral Quality

Marketing firms, more than other types of businesses, may have invested in a specialized printer with specific settings. Automation helps maintain settings, reducing the opportunities for the human touch to introduce errors or inconsistencies.

Blue Technologies Helps Marketing Firms Succeed

Marketing firms can and do benefit from the use of managed print services to boost productivity. By helping the company with its physical printing environment, to providing expert guidance on settings and software, a marketing firm can enjoy a genuinely productive environment where employees focus on their work, and not their printer settings.

Blue Technologies works with companies to improve their business processes through the introduction and optimization of the best tools for the job. Contact us today to discuss the options available to take your business to the next level of success.

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