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How Managed IT Can Transform Your Engineering Firm to Maximize Productivity

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 19, 2023 9:00:00 AM

After the supply chain disruptions and health implications of the pandemic, 2022 was targeted as a year of growth for the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. In part, this was due to a federal infrastructure spending bill under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. However, the continued impacts of labor shortages, overpriced materials, and ongoing supply disruptions are set to interrupt the growth pattern.

Fortunately, smart engineering firms are using the power of technology to overcome some of these hurdles. Using cost-containment strategies and helping staff stay productive — even if they are working remotely — are priorities. But so is ensuring that any data transferred among staff, partners, and clients is appropriately secured. Technologies inherent in a Managed IT environment such as document management and print management, can help with each of these directives. Once tackled, these challenges can give way to the kind of faster, more efficient production that encourages better outcomes to increase your firm’s reputation — and revenues. 

Managed IT for the Engineering Environment

Engineering is a highly technical industry, requiring a leading-edge IT infrastructure that is capable of both delivering projects and services on time and within budget, but also of securing proprietary or sensitive data as required by regulations and compliance. These tasks are easily managed with the help of targeted IT expertise and knowledge, as well as up-to-date hardware and software applications. Here’s an overview of the components of a cost-effective, efficient, IT environment for engineering:

The Right Talent

Most companies, even large ones, do not have the resources to hire IT professionals with the right level of talent to keep up with current trends, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. For that reason, partnering with a third-party managed service provider (MSP) for Managed IT services is a smart move. MSPs perform targeted services, allowing them to focus much of their budget on hiring experts in the field, allowing you access to this knowledge and technology for a fraction of what it would cost to staff these individuals in house. 

The Right Hardware and Software

Once you have high level talent to assess your current infrastructure, you can determine which type of infrastructure will most cost-effectively meet your business needs and goals. Most engineering firms handle a great amount of data that requires serious computing abilities, so a high-performance server and computers will be necessary. In a Managed IT environment, you can get access to next-generation equipment, along with the requisite maintenance and troubleshooting, for one low monthly fee. Having a reliable monthly expenditure for this line item makes budgeting simpler and access to high-tech tools more affordable. 

Furthermore, access to productivity-promoting software tools such as document and print management can provide faster, easier access to and sharing of appropriate data to keep projects and schedules on track. 

The Right Level of Performance 

To stay productive, your engineering staff need access to computers, printers, and data on demand. This can be difficult if you are operating with legacy equipment or relying on in-house staff to perform routine maintenance and security duties. A Managed IT program ensures all equipment is up to date and properly maintained to reduce productivity-killing machine downtime.

The Right Security

Finally, engineering firms handle a lot of proprietary data, making them a target for hackers. Both print and document management software come with inherent security protocols and protections, but a Managed IT environment adds even more layers. Your Managed IT partners are skilled in deploying and monitoring cybersecurity solutions custom-tailored to meet the needs and challenges of your specific business. Plus, they keep abreast of emerging threats to ensure your hardware, software, and network are always updated with the latest safeguards and protections. 

Blue Technologies — Your Managed IT Partner

Technology can be a help — or a hindrance — depending on how you manage it. If your engineering firm is looking to amplify productivity while controlling costs, a Managed IT environment might be the perfect choice.

At Blue Technologies, we offer a full spectrum of services in our Managed IT program — from expert assessment of your current status to design and deployment of a complete IT environment. For a single monthly fee, our experts will maintain and monitor your system using the latest security protocols for extra protection and ensure that you have the right hardware and software to meet the daily demands of your business. 

Let technology help your engineering firm get more done — faster! Contact a Blue Technologies consultant to explore how our Managed IT program can help your firm be more productive and cost-effective today.

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