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How Large Library Systems Can Benefit from Managed Print Services

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Aug 7, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Libraries provide an astounding amount of services considering the tight budgets they have. These challenges have led libraries to seek out anything that can help reduce costs and make library systems more efficient. One of the most viable solutions for large library systems is managed print services.

The Printing Challenges of Large Library Systems

Large library systems operate on a massive scale and provide the use of printers to members and visitors alike. Many libraries will allow a certain number of pages that may be printed for free. Printing additional pages requires a fee.

One of the biggest challenges for more extensive libraries in terms of printing is the sheer number of people that come in every day and use their printers. Unlike offices where only a certain amount of people use the printer and are typically given some form of training on how to use it, anyone can use library printers. One disadvantage here is that someone can come in, jam the printer, and bang on it before giving up and exiting the library, leaving them with a broken machine.

Another problem is that the wear and tear on library printers are considerable. The heavy use of library printers puts a strain on resources and create bottlenecks when machines are down.

Breaking Down Managed Print Services: What Are They?

Managed print services provide powerful software and technical support to keep an organization’s printers running in optimum condition. There are several ways in which these services can reduce costs and make print environments more efficient as well as more secure.

24-Hour Monitoring and Detailed Performance Reports

One of the most useful aspects of a managed print service is that they actively monitor print fleets 24/7. By monitoring printers, the MPS can detect any potential problems whether they are performance or security-related. From there, they can issue detailed reports outlining performance considerations and make recommendations for improvement.

Automatic system alerts are triggered when problems are detected. Whenever there is a performance problem, managed print services can send out field technicians to repair the machine and resolve the issue.

Why Managed Print Services Are Essential for Large Library Systems

Businesses have long been familiar with the benefits of managed print services. Libraries can and should be taking advantage of the same services that have been keeping businesses running smoothly and driving down costs. For example, the ratio of what organizations spend on printing itself compared to what they spend on managing their print environment is one dollar to every nine dollars. Managed print services reduce this cost through consolidation.

Large library systems can benefit from the efficiency, security, and convenience that a managed print service provides. Library systems shouldn’t look at managed print services as an extra expense. These services are designed to save money by improving operations, leaving libraries with more money left over every month, not less.

Extend the Life Cycle of Library Printers

Given the strict budgets libraries work with, having to pay for a brand new printer is not something many libraries can comfortably afford. By enlisting a managed print service, the predictive maintenance performance monitoring, and upkeep will extend the life of document devices.

Simplify Print Supply Ordering and Operational Costs

Large library systems have enough to manage, and expenses can be challenging to track without the use of a managed print service. They simplify costs by consolidating them. All printing-related expenses are incorporated into one monthly fee that libraries can track. The monthly budget reports issued by managed print services make it easy for large library systems to track and predict costs.

For those wondering just how much money can be saved by using a managed print service, the figure is between 20% to 40%. That kind of money adds up quickly and can be allocated for more essential expenses like building maintenance, renovations, repairs, heating, etc.

Libraries Can Drive Efficiency Up and Costs Down with Blue Technologies

Blue Technologies understands the needs of large library systems. Their perfectly designed managed solutions can help keep printers running smoothly for many years while keeping costs down. Partner with a firm that can be trusted to do the job right from the beginning choose Blue Technologies, and experience the difference.

Call up Blue Technologies today and ask about their managed print services for libraries.

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