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How KIP Print Hardware and Bluebeam Revu Software Have Improved the Engineering Industry

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 3, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Engineering is a profession that demands a combination of imagination and technical skills. However, in the digital age, technology is becoming just as important, as well. The firm with the best technological toolbox possesses an unfair advantage. That’s why successful firms have made sure their toolboxes include Bluebeam Revu and KIP Print.

Why So Many Engineering Firms Depend on Bluebeam Revu

Engineers require numerous services to do their best work. For example, there’s a near endless library of options for designing blueprints and 3D prototypes. The same goes for the kind of software required to transfer newly-designed parts into actual models.

Of course, one of the most elements of successful engineering is collaboration. Very few projects confine to the work of a single individual. Instead, it can often take a small army to work on a product that may fit into the palm of a hand. It’s not unheard of for numerous engineering firms to work together on such projects, too.

All of this would be impossible without collaboration platforms. Given that optimal collaboration is required for success, it’s no secret that top firms like AECOM, CannonDesign, Skanska, and Syska Hennessy Group don’t take any chances where this kind of software is concerned. They entrust Bluebeam Revu for effective collaborative efforts.  

Bluebeam Revu is an obvious advantage for any engineering company. Unlike so many other collaborative platforms, it was designed with the unique challenges that engineers face in mind.

The software has won awards for its PDF-creation, markup, editing, and collaborative capabilities. Companies that use Bluebeam Revu see their productivity skyrocket because they’re able to leverage markup data across the entire lifecycle of any project. Processes that formerly featured an abundance of complications are easily streamlined, making them more effective in the future, as well.

Here are its four main features to help better illustrate how it helps support the engineering process:

  • Create – Convert an unlimited amount of Microsoft Office documents and CAD illustrations into high-quality PDFs (including n 3D). Engineers can also take scanned images and transform them into documents that can easily be searched for by text.
  • Markup – Every engineering process requires mark-ups. With Bluebeam Revu, engineers have the incredible Markups List at their fingertips. It tracks all the easy-to-make annotations required for effective design and can easily generate reports to help engineers better track the process.
  • Collaborate – When engineers are working with teams from all over the world – or even just all over the country – it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page (literally). With Studio Projects and Studio Sessions, engineers can either collaborate with their partners in real-time or keep the project open so contributors can participate when their schedule allows.
  • Organize – large drawing sets are easy to manage with Bluebeam Revu because engineers can create smart documents of them that are easy to share, whether it’s with the person in the office next door, in the field, or on the other side of the world.

Poor collaboration can slow an engineering project to a halt. It can also produce unnecessary frustrating between teammates and partners, to say nothing of the overhead that builds when projects delay. Blue Revu helps engineering firms avoid these complications and offers solutions to help them do their best work.

How KIP Print Hardware Became Commonplace in Engineering

KIP print hardware, designed with several industries in mind, has proven especially popular among engineering firms.  They were made for users who have high output demands for work involving graphic, technical, and office documents. These jobs can also be carried out with precision imaging and bold, expressive colors. Those capabilities for engineering firms that must regularly produce detailed blueprints, maps, signs, posters, and photo enlargements.

Furthermore, with the help of devices like the KIP Color Series printers, engineering firms can reap all the benefits of wide-format printing.

These printers support a workflow that is conducive for a range of production environments, including a variety of print submission applications like:

  • Cloud Printing
  • Scan and Copy
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Fully-Integrated Stacking and Folding

This is ideal for engineering companies that depend on staff members who may continuously be on the road or working onsite. Whether they’re coming, going, or only stopping by for a second, they can print off the detailed-images they need.

Put KIP Print and Bluebeam Revu to Work for You Engineering Business

Successful engineering firms rely on a multitude of different platforms to win over leads and provide the results their clients want. More and more, two of the most common examples you’ll find in this industry is KIP print and Bluebeam Revu. For all the reasons we outlined above and many more, they allow firms to reach their full potential. If you’d like specific examples of how they could help your company meet its unique goals, contact us today to learn more.

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