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Improving Hospital Customer Care with Workflow Automation

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 18, 2019 8:15:00 AM

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have a vast array of significant challenges when it comes to workflow and providing adequate customer care. Here's what decision-makers in the medical field need to know about workflow automation and how it can help deliver superior customer care.

What Is Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation is essentially a software solution for improving workflow within an organization. Respected companies like Blue Technologies use workflow automation solutions to help hospitals optimize their productivity and make improvements in patient care.

The use of mobile devices and cloud technology in hospitals have made it possible to get more done faster with automation. Most importantly, of course, workflow automation in hospitals can be implemented successfully without compromising on quality.

The advantages of workflow automation software solutions trickle down to patient care, making it easier for hospitals to do more for their patients without incurring additional expenses. The use of workflow automation software drives costs down. Here's a breakdown of what critical areas in hospitals can benefit from the application of workflow automation software.

Key Areas in Hospitals That Can Benefit From Workflow Automation

Workflow automation in hospitals can improve several essential functions that would otherwise consume vast and inordinate amounts of time.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the department, it is essential for ER operations to be streamlined. Streamlining the processes involved in the ER can seem like an insurmountable task, given the complications involved. However, with workflow automation software solutions, hospitals can successfully streamline critical functions of the ER from registration to check-in sections.

Another area where hospitals can benefit from workflow automation software is during the medication process and the distribution of drugs. These are serious responsibility that involves a great deal of paperwork and manipulation of documents to process. The supply of drugs in a hospital can be effectively automated, including storage and inventory concerns.

Furthermore, errors in the application and distribution of medication in a hospital can lead to extremely costly errors. Workflow automation software can be applied to help ensure the correct dosages quantities of medication to be used. Using automation software in this way makes it safe for patients, and reduces hospital expenses incurred from errors.

Critical tasks involving the transfer of patients to other hospitals can also be automated as well.

Patients as Customers

The treatment of patients goes far beyond medical concerns. While doctors will always work hard to serve patients as best they can for the sake of healing, hospitals are still essentially businesses, and consumerism is gaining traction in medicine.

In areas like larger cities where there are more hospitals to choose from, patients will behave like consumers and go to the one they’ve heard the best reviews on.

One of the best ways to ensure good reviews and positive feedback through word of mouth is to fully utilize workflow automation software to provide patients with good experiences. If for example, one person hears that a particular hospital had unbearable wait times or mismanagement due to inefficiencies in the handling of documents, that person will seek out a different hospital when in need of medical care. While hospitals provide medical care, customer service is still a huge part of what they do, and it affects their bottom line.

Why Finding the Right Workflow Automation Service for Hospitals Matters

While hospitals are in a unique position to benefit from workflow automation and document management services, finding the right partner makes all the difference. Remember, by including a third-party organization in hospital operations, and they will need to be able to follow all of the compliance regulations of the medical arena.

It can be challenging to find a partner with the appropriate knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to meet these demands and help satisfy significant compliance concerns like HIPPAA. The right information can make this process much easier. Ohio hospitals can save time by working with firms like Blue Technologies.

Blue Technologies understands the unique document management needs of hospitals, which makes them a top choice for hospitals in the area. Their commitment to high-quality service, precision, and customer cost savings are unparalleled in the region.

Give Patients a Helping Hand, with Workflow Automation Powered by Blue Technologies

Whether labeled as patients or customers, care is what's important. To provide that care most efficiently, hospitals should be taking advantage of workflow automation with Blue Technologies.

Speak with Blue Technologies today, and start experiencing the benefits of workflow automation and productivity solutions for hospitals.

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