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How Enterprise Content Management Can Turbocharge Your Auto Dealership

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 15, 2021 9:00:00 AM

A global shortage of computer chips is causing auto makers to cut production just as consumers are flocking back to dealerships as the demand for cars rises. With fewer models on lots, dealers are raising prices in order to keep bottom lines healthy. While consumer demand is still healthy, sales volume is on the decline due to inventory shortages.

For car dealers this means one thing: They must make the most of every customer contact. Here are just a few of the many reasons why cultivating strong customer relationships is a good — and revenue-producing — thing:

  • The auto market is an extremely competitive market wherein all participants are vying for the same buyers. 
  • Large automotive groups have some advantages, but smaller, niche dealers can offer customers more personalized service.
  • Re-engaging customers for maintenance and repairs produces a profit margin of 60-70%.

Selling one car to one customer is great but creating a lifelong relationship with that customer can generate business over decades. Fortunately, enterprise content management (ECM) tools have made it easier and more cost-effective for auto dealerships to forge these relationships. 

The Advantages of Enterprise Content Management for Car Dealers

As car dealers scramble to get customers’ attention, one technology tool stands head and shoulders above the others for optimizing the process of getting — and keeping — customers. Enterprise content management (ECM) is a dynamic mix of tools, strategies, and methods that help businesses collect, organize, and deliver information that supports and optimizes key business processes.

For dealerships, having these tools available can streamline the sales process and help convert a one-time client into a customer for life. Here are some ways your dealership can use this digital technology to make a positive impact on your bottom line:

Automate Your Processes

Anyone who has ever bought a car understands the day-long process making the deal can be — and they dread it. But what if it didn’t have to take forever? ECM can help you scan deal jackets into a database where they can be easily located for later review. When the buying process, with its many documents, is automated, customers move more quickly through your sales funnel and are more likely to leave with a new car — and a positive experience.

Streamline Workflows

Car dealerships are hives of activity, with many departments coordinating with one another to get the job done. Fast document search and document routing can help accelerate workflows for traditionally paper-heavy departments such as Accounts Payable. 

Improve Customer Service

If you want customers to return to your dealership for necessary maintenance and repairs, then you will want to make the experience of doing so as smooth as possible for them. An ECM system can put vehicle history reports at your fingertips so customers know that their car is ready for maintenance and, if there are repairs needed, your technicians can have the vehicle’s repair history at their fingertips for faster, more intelligent service.

Customer records are available at a click when a customer calls in with a question or requests an appointment so any member of staff can help them get routed to the right department. 

Reduce Administrative Costs

Paper-based filing is inefficient and time-consuming. Documents can get lost or misfiled and not every department will have access to paper documents. Replacing them with digital documents curated and archived in a robust ECM will not only improve response times with your customers, but it will also free up staff to focus on more mission-critical tasks.

Let Blue Technologies Design a Custom ECM for Your Dealership

Not all car dealerships face the same challenges or have the same goals and your technology should reflect this. At Blue Technologies, we understand that for an ECM to be effective, it must be customized to reflect the way your business operates.

Our team of professionals will assess your current business processes to gain insight into the challenges you are facing. Then we will create and deliver a tailored ECM solution that will not only increase your dealership’s productivity and efficiency, but help you reduce labor costs and waste as well.

Help your dealership stand head and shoulders above the rest. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn more about how an ECM can amplify customer service, reduce costs, and spur productivity.

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