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How Document Management Helps Nonprofits Create Better Member Experiences

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 5, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Many nonprofits were hard hit by the pandemic, especially those that did not have large reserves of capital upon which to lean. As they move toward recovery, nonprofits are realizing that the member landscape has shifted and there is a new climate when it comes to generating needed funds. Smaller donors are less able than ever to be able to offer support, but our culture is becoming more focused on the things that nonprofits provide — value-focused services to underserved communities.

To move from survival mode into a thriving business, nonprofits must learn to find new ways to connect with members in an increasingly digital environment. For example, in 2020 donors began to lean toward paying through digital means rather than with checks. Nonprofits that could give members and donors the option of paying using a digital wallet, a payment service such as PayPal, or via credit card streamlined the process and helped remove roadblocks to giving. Other tactics, such as providing clear messaging and communication regarding a nonprofit’s mission and impact help stakeholders, members, and donors understand the importance of their support.

One technology that supports nonprofits in managing member experiences, document management, is not only useful but cost-effective.

Document Management Strategies for Nonprofits

Nonprofits must raise awareness of their mission — and their brand — to raise more funds online. But with few technological resources, this task can be a daunting one. Fortunately, document management software (DMS) is not only cost-effective, but it can help streamline business processes for a better, more cohesive member experience. Here are just a few of the many advantages a strong DMS can offer:

Making Donating — And Everything Else — Simpler with E-Signatures

The more roadblocks you can remove from the donation or membership process, the more likely you will be able to grow — and keep — your membership. Using an e-signature program, you can easily:

  • Share a document with a member or donor and let them add a signature from any device
  • Process waivers, registration, and applications for volunteers
  • Distribute necessary policy forms and paperwork for new hires
  • Process vendor agreements and purchase orders to keep daily operations running smoothly

Many DMS programs incorporate e-signature solutions that integrate seamlessly with current software allowing you to see who has filled out, signed, and returned necessary documents in real-time.

Increased Security with Access and Permission Control

With donors and members having less disposable income in the post-pandemic economy, a nonprofit must be beyond reproach — especially when it comes to trustworthiness and reputation.  With hackers increasingly targeting nonprofit organizations due to the massive quantity of sensitive information they handle, it is more important than ever to keep data privacy and protection a primary focus. A DMS can provide robust control features to challenge who has access to files as well as who can change or modify them. 

All files and folders can be encrypted and a centralized repository searchable through keywords or phrases makes it easy to access — if you have the proper permission. Security settings allow administrators to instantly grant — or rescind — access to information or provide data as read-only files. Some DMSs can even scan for personally identifiable information (PII) and provide alerts that prevent the accidental — or purposeful — release of sensitive data. 

Trust Blue Technologies with Your Document Management Needs

As a nonprofit operating in a competitive post-pandemic environment, you must find new ways to capture the attention and trust of potential donors and members. Making it easier for them to find and access information they need to donate either their time or their money is critical — and so is providing a safe, responsible way of handling data. Earning donor trust and increasing your organization’s reliability and credibility can also help increase your membership.

At Blue Technologies, we have a team of document management experts that can assess your current needs and create a custom-tailored solution for your nonprofit. Our DMSs will not only help you provide an exceptional member experience, but also keep your documents and data organized, visible to those who need them, available for collaboration, and yet secure and compliant with data privacy laws.

Choose the cost-effective technology that can make a difference to your membership — and your success. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn how our Document Management solutions can assist your nonprofit today.

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