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How Document Management Can Help Trade-Based Businesses Stay Organized

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 23, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Plumbers, electricians, contractors, and other trades can benefit immensely through the power of document management technology.

It might not sound as exciting as other technologies but adopting an effective document management system is critical for keeping track of — and streamlining — essential business processes.

These processes may include estimating documents, receipts, accounts payable activities, and even professional licensure and certification documentation.

Keeping track of these items manually not only takes valuable time away from doing the work that generates revenue; it can also result in general overwhelm, access difficulties, version control issues, and poorer client care.

A document management system (DMS) not only rectifies those negatives — it provides a host of advantages that can help your business gain a competitive edge.

The Benefit of Document Management for Trades

Many tradesmen are familiar with using technology to assist with everyday work tasks. They often use tablets or mobile phones to automate routine tasks, saving time and providing more and better service while on site.

When it comes to documents, however, many still rely on archaic practices based on tedious manual entry and cross-referencing to organize receipts, plans, contracts, and more.

Unfortunately, a paper-based system can put critical documents at risk of theft or loss; presents a significant cost to store using filing cabinets; and makes documents hard to find when you need them.

Here are some notable benefits you can leverage upon switching from paper to digitized documents through a document management system.

1. Easy Access and Lowered Storage Costs

Software simplifies paperwork by digitizing pertinent documents and storing them in the cloud where technicians, office managers, customer services representatives, or any authorized person can access them.

Keeping bids, proposals, reports, receipts, and even marketing collateral in one easy-to-access platform can simplify your work life and let you focus more closely on growing your business.

2. Better Security

Every business has some data that must be protected from theft or loss. For trade professionals, this data can be in the form of blueprints, project schematics, customer lists, marketing collateral, or even financial information.

For a small business, a data breach can be fatal — up to 60% of small businesses close permanently within six months of a breach or hack. And, if your business stores any sensitive customer data, your reputation could be tarnished if word of a breach gets out.

DMS’ use access controls, data encryption, archiving and governance, secure backups, and host of other security features to ensure your critical data is protected.

3. Time Savings

Time management is crucially important for tradies, as there needs to be ample time for you to concentrate on actions that will help you grow your business. Spending minutes — or hours — sorting through volumes of paper to find the right estimate or sub consultant bid is not going to help you gain revenue.

A robust DMS will archive all your important data and allow you to search — and find — the information you are looking for quickly through key words, key phrases, names, dates, or any number of customizable variables.

Data at your fingertips — even if you are in the field — means more time to grow your business.

Blue Technologies Puts the Power of Document Management at Your Fingertips

At Blue Technologies, we help all types of trade-based businesses get their mission-critical data organized so they can concentrate on business-producing tasks.

Our team of IT experts take a customized approach to each document management system we create, allowing your specific business needs and goals to drive the specifics of your DMS solution.

We typically begin with an in-depth access of the technology you currently have in place, followed by a deep dive into your business processes and your objectives. Then, we will create a DMS perfectly tailored to not only your business environment — but your budget, as well.

Our time-tested DMS solutions can help you collaborate easier with your team members, subconsultants, and clients; share information securely with authorized individuals; and keep your data organized and accessible for a more profitable business outcome.

Increase your productivity, lower your level of overwhelm, and gain the time to concentrate on growing your business. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and discover how easy it is to get started with a custom-tailored DMS.

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