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How Cloud Computing Can Be the Key to Success for Nonprofits

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 26, 2021 8:15:00 AM

With cloud computing becoming more widespread and accessible, many nonprofits are leveraging its considerable benefits to increase donations, improve productivity, and revolutionize the way they do business. And yet, some organizations are still hesitant to adopt this technology.

Perceived costs, a lack —or fear— of technical know-how, and gaps in skills have all created barriers to adoption. But, as cloud technology continues to bring added value to business, those that fail to make the transformation from paper to digital are at risk of being left behind.

For nonprofits who have been hard-hit by the ongoing pandemic, cloud computing can be especially powerful, as it frees up in-house IT teams — or reduces the need for them altogether to help conserve resources. In addition, it provides extra power and flexibility to those nonprofits who typically rely on in-person events to raise funds by allowing them to create better digital experiences for potential donors and volunteers.

Alongside those hefty advantages, cloud computing helps move nonprofits forward in their digital transformation, revitalizing their processes and their marketing efforts along the way.

The Process Advantages of Cloud Computing for Nonprofits

Cloud computing does more than just connect geographically scattered teams and reduce on-site storage needs. It also solves business problems that will allow your organization to run more smoothly.

In-house IT teams can be freed to work on more mission-critical tasks and your system can be scaled up or down as your organization grows, bringing flexibility and agility to your operation.

Cloud computing can provide:

  • Software systems that are integrated, allowing for data to be moved from one application to another seamlessly.
  • A common data model (CDM) used with all systems that allows you to collect data in the same format in each application for better data consolidation, analysis, and impact measurement.
  • Cloud technologies that support robust security configurations that can support compliance with data privacy regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, or SOX.
  • Cloud software that comes with a higher level of security, such as multi factor authentication, already embedded in the product.

This ability to help you improve your business strategies through streamlined processes is an invaluable way to make a real difference in the bottom-line productivity of your team.

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Nonprofit Market More Successfully

Like every business, nonprofits must market to stay relevant and bring more attention to their goals. Typical marketing goals for nonprofits may include:

  • Creating awareness for your organization or the cause it supports,
  • Raising funds by encouraging general donations or meeting fundraiser-specific targets,
  • Bringing new volunteers in to participate in ongoing initiatives,
  • Making political leaders or influencers aware of your cause to create faster change.

Typically, marketing campaigns can include social media, web-based campaigns, email marketing, in-person events, online advertising, and others — all of which can benefit from a cloud-based platform.

First, cloud computing reduces the resource burden on your nonprofit so staff can move from IT-based tasks to mission-critical activities. Your vendor will take care of upgrading and maintaining hardware so you can dedicate more of your time and money to your cause.

Cloud services also give you the flexibility to access donor information instantly, regardless of where you — or they — are located. Especially in our post-pandemic economy, contactless technology can be an asset in attracting donors and volunteers.

This increased flexibility helps to open marketing channels and encourage greater interaction, while providing ways to deliver messages — and services — that were previously difficult to manage with on-premises offline software.

Let Blue Technologies Help Your Organization into the Cloud

Nonprofit organizations form a much-needed part of our communities and governments, and yet they are often underfunded and understaffed.

Moving your business processes to a cloud environment can provide the on-demand access your organization needs to thrive at a price you can afford. And technical concerns or maintenance issues will be a thing of the past, as our team will provide the in-depth IT knowledge to take your organization to the next level — and keep there, safe in the cloud.

Safety is the other issue cloud services can amplify. In the cloud programs, applications, infrastructure and sensitive data are securely hosted to provide compliance with regulations and peace of mind while offering leading-edge technologies that can streamline your operations and help your organization move forward.

Transform your nonprofit organization today. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and make the smart move to cost-effective, time-saving cloud computing.

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