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How Casinos Benefit from Managed Services

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Sep 11, 2019 12:15:00 PM

Relatively few businesses operate across a breadth of services as casinos do. They encompass gambling, hospitality, food and beverage, retail, and often much more. As such, the IT and management needs for casinos are quite complex, making them an exciting challenge for managed service providers. Nonetheless, managed services of all types are a valuable investment for casinos in the quest to achieve this variety of disparate industries under one roof. Read on to learn why, and how Blue Technologies can help.

How Managed Services Help Casinos

Casinos represent a dynamic challenge when it comes to applying managed services. Whereas many industries need things like robust enterprise print management, the high-traffic and dynamic environment often requires a different set of tools altogether. 

Nonetheless, casinos benefit from managed services in several ways, including:

1. Integrated and Constant Security

Security is critical to casinos. They need to watch gamblers, machines, entrances, hallways, bars, parking lots, and more – at all times of the day, every day. Likewise, they need a robust cybersecurity solution which covers not just the internal servers, but often machines as well. A managed IT service can help provide all of this and more by developing a security ecosystem which goes beyond merely strong passwords and security cameras. A managed IT provider can:

● Integrate guest check-in and checkout processes with other security solutions

● Help a casino leverage artificial intelligence or machine learning to spot cheaters, machine tampering, and trespassers

● Apply license plate readers to security cameras in parking lots to locate unauthorized vehicles

● Leverage automation to maintain constant security even if a professional isn’t present

● Ensure patron privacy and security

2. Holistic Document Solutions

The breadth of industries under the roof of a casino may make recordkeeping a nightmare. However, with a managed productivity solution, it’s not. A holistic document environment helps a casino keep all of its records in one place and accessible on-demand. As such, management enjoys the ability to:

● Keep track of supplies and inventory across the entire establishment

● Record winnings and losses sustained by the house

● Maintain accurate records for tax or legal purposes

● Track incidents and prepare reports for managers or law enforcement

● Apply data capture automation for any documents which may pass through the business

3. Cloud Services for Operational Efficiency

Cloud services are a powerful way to improve operational efficiency while driving down costs. For casinos, they also grant a new level of accessibility to relevant information for employees who may not have a computer at hand. Managed services can help casinos find the best cloud services to streamline and connect their services and departments. For example, with cloud solutions, casinos can:

● Keep dispersed gaming sites connected using cloud software or communications

● Leverage virtual desktops to assist with managing the floor

● Reduce the amount of hardware present on the floor, thereby mitigating potential security risks involved

● Use data analytics to make data-driven decisions which increase profitability, refine the incentives offered by games

4. Improved Compliance Across the Board

The gaming industry is beholden to numerous compliance regulations which affect almost every aspect of its operation. These regulations occur at the local and state level, which may vary from region to region. Also, specific federal laws exist. Managed services help casinos achieve compliance by adopting the appropriate hardware and software solutions, as well as developing document or workflow processes which meet compliance regulations while optimizing for efficiency. Some of these requirements might include:

● Mandatory risk assessment and screenings, including background checks and identity verification for employees, employees, and some visitors

● Adherence to the Bank Secrecy Act as well as anti-money laundering statues for its document processes and reporting

● The development of robust internal reporting systems to collect and transmit data concerning illegal activities

5. Better Internal Communication Between Management and the Floor

Finally, to ensure that operations remain flawless and efficient, casinos need reliable internal communications between management and staff on the floor. Managed IT services can help a casino establish centralized, streamlined communication through a variety of ways. These may include:

● Hardware or devices such as company-issued smartphones or walkie-talkies

● Cloud-based or mobile apps to create secure communication channels

● Private servers which are segmented from other parts of the network

Blue Technologies Delivers Managed Services to Casinos

The gaming industry is a unique environment, and casinos must contend with a myriad of operational challenges. However, managed services – whether document, IT, or other productivity solutions – can significantly improve the operational efficiency and security of these businesses. Managed services are a flexible, dynamic set of services capable of meeting a variety of demanding environments.

Blue Technologies is a leading provider in managed IT, document, and productivity solutions. Start a conversation today about how we can develop bespoke managed solutions for you.

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