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How Bluebeam Can Help Engineers Create Cities of the Future

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 21, 2022 9:00:00 AM

By the end of the century, the global population is expected to peak at nearly 11 billion individuals, causing many urban planners and politicians to rethink the way development is handled. With so many people, cities must be built with an eye toward environmental sustainability as well as scaled solutions regarding transportation, energy, and access to water.

This rapid growth will come with many opportunities — and a fair share of hardships as well. Notably, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry must find new ways to complete infrastructure projects even faster and more efficiently than ever before to meet both growing demand and budget constraints. 

Fortunately, new technologies are evolving to give engineers and others in the AEC community ways to increase project viability, effectively meet timeline constraints, reduce errors, and help mitigate the talent shortage that is prevalent in this industry. One such technology, Bluebeam, is at the forefront of simple, yet effective, software products that are changing the way cities are planned and created. 

Better Project Results Using Bluebeam

Bluebeam is a software developed to help AEC teams stay on track by coordinating every stage through the project lifecycle, from estimation and design through project construction, completion, and administration. For engineers, the Bluebeam Revu software makes it easy to share documents, receive feedback from critical stakeholders, and initiate the changes that help avoid costly changes that often occur during the construction period. Jim Williams, P.E., Trenchless Division Manager with Global Underground, notes that the software is easier and more intuitive than Adobe and allows for real-time collaboration with ease. Instead of huge, page-heavy documents in .ZIP format, Bluebeam documents are in PDF format and are searchable, editable, and easy to organize. 

Built-in Document Management Through Project Lifecycle

For engineers, architects, general contractors, and construction teams, staying organized is the name of the game. Using Bluebeam can enhance this process, allowing you to keep Requests for Proposals (RFPs), process submittals, and punch lists organized while keeping them accessible to the appropriate team members when — and where — they need them. 

For clients, Bluebeam gives your project team the ability to create intuitive Operation and Maintenance (O&M) documents that provide fast, easy access to project specific information necessary for project handoff. Giving your customer’s facility managers the tools they need to more effectively maintain the finished project not only helps build trust — and your reputation — but it also provides a higher level of customer service that enhances overall satisfaction with the project. Simplifying project control during implementation and project handoff at closure ensures a project lifecycle that is both efficient and cost-effective. 

Bluebeam continues to improve and perfect its product line, offering high-powered assistance such as the Revu Accelerator series that allows AEC participants to supercharge workflows with tutorials and tips that touch on Bluebeam’s expansive abilities. Used by 94% of the top contractors in the United States, Bluebeam has demonstrated its usefulness in assisting projects that will help create the cities of the future. 

Blue Technologies + Bluebeam: The Perfect Team for Your Next Project

If you are working in the AEC industry, you know that projects come fast and furious. Deadlines are a way of life, and today’s customers need their projects completed quickly — and with an eye toward controlling costs. With a shortage of experienced architects, engineers, and construction professionals hampering the industry’s ability to take on the projects necessary to keep our cities expanding in line with population growth, this industry must rely on tech tools to speed processes.

At Blue Technologies, we have partnered with Bluebeam to bring you access to this innovative project technology. Because users can share and edit PDFs in real-time, there is a higher rate of transparency through the project lifecycle — and a 60% faster rate of communication among stakeholders. This increased visibility and collaboration help team members be more productive, reduce the probability of errors due to miscommunication, and help speed projects to successful completion. 

Get access to the technology that can transform your next AEC project. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn how Bluebeam software can revolutionize project performance and completion.

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