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Keeping Money Secure with Managed IT Solutions for Banking

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 26, 2019 9:15:00 AM

Finance is one of the most high-stakes industries of all. The risks are always high, and they're getting higher. Anything that can help mitigate this risk and make banking operations more efficient is a crucial advantage to have. Here's what managers and decision makers in finance need to know about managed IT solutions.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are a series of software applications that make it possible to maintain virtually all in-house IT functions at a fraction of the cost. Hosting large teams of in-house IT staff is quickly becoming not only unnecessary but also inadvisable in terms of cost.

Before the introduction of managed IT services, all manner of organizations, including banks, were once something of a requirement. Their knowledge and expertise, especially in cybersecurity, once guaranteed a spot for these teams in banks and other organizations of sufficient size. Banks relied upon these in-house professionals to keep their systems secure and also to help keep their equipment running.

Managed IT services are more than capable of maintaining system security and also ensuring that all equipment is running at peak performance.

What Are the Advantages of Managed IT Services for Banks?

Managed IT services drive productivity while cutting costs. Consider the expense of hosting a team of in-house full-time IT professionals. Banks are in a unique position to benefit from these services as their computing systems are typically quite substantial in both size and complexity.

Part of what makes managed IT services so advantageous and competitive over more traditional options, like paying entire IT departments, is that they can deliver the expertise of more professionals at a lower cost. Think of it almost as wholesaling.

The way it works is that the expertise of countless IT professionals is bundled into these service packages. The professional IT support is backed by powerful software that will report any malfunctions or potential maintenance issues on company devices.

After the chaotic ups and downs of the finance industry over the years, saving money and becoming more efficient should be a primary goal for every finance house in the nation. Not only do these services save money, but they also simplify the navigation of pesky regulations and help banks get through all that red tape in a fraction of the time it would take without the software.

What Are the Disadvantages of Not Having Managed IT Services in Banking?

While the advantages of managed IT services for banks are clear, it's worth going over the disadvantages of not using these services. One of the most damaging difficulties of this are the massive sums of money that banks will lose as it melts away into salaries and benefits packages for full-time IT personnel.

Not only will banks lose money in paying for additional personnel, but they'll also lose even more money when the efforts of their in-house IT personnel fail in the event of a data breach. Customer information that is lost can come back to bite again when the bank is sued for negligence. The problems keep mounting, and the list goes on, meaning that the protection of a managed IT service is worth every penny.

Managed IT services have more expertise behind them than virtually any in-house IT department can muster because of how many professionals they employ. Many of these professionals have long histories in the IT world. Bringing them all together under one roof makes it possible to solve otherwise insurmountable challenges.

The advantages of cybersecurity are palpable. With fraud and hacking attacks becoming both more prolific and more sophisticated, finance firms need the protections of managed IT services more than ever.

Banks using managed IT services can rely on much more robust solutions than they'd be able to support on their own.

Finding the Right Managed IT Service

The next step is to find the right managed IT service for the job. Not all of these services deliver the same quality. That’s why it’s so important to find the right one to do business with. In this case, the best choice for banks and finance houses in the Ohio area is arguably Blue Technologies.

A respected industry leader, Blue Technologies brings some of the brightest minds in IT to the service of banks who also enjoy the power of their superior software solutions that keep systems running smooth.

Blue Technologies Is the Right Choice for Banks and Finance Houses

For those looking for some of the absolute best in managed IT services for banking, Blue Technologies comes to mind. They're a leader for a reason. Their expertise, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service make them a perfect choice for banks and finance houses.

Have a chat with Blue Technologies and see what their managed IT services can do for banking.

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