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How AI and Machine Learning Can Help Manufacturers Optimize

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 14, 2021 8:30:00 AM

The manufacturing industry, with its many variables that impact production processes, is a great fit for technologies based in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). While the sheer quantity of variables in a manufacturing scenario may be difficult for humans to process, AI can easily capture and analyze it quickly, allowing for faster, more efficient processes to be developed and deployed.

Today, most of the use cases for AI involve maintenance and quality, although this area is broadening as AI and ML become more complex.

The urgency to adopt AI into manufacturing operations is being driven by the need for greater overall efficiency and competitiveness. Today’s factories are facing high revenue volatility and greater demands from supply chain partners, forcing them to optimize processes for greater cost savings and operational efficiency. In addition, manufacturers are laboring under increased inspections and regulations, shorter production times, and an increased consumer demand for customized or small-batch goods.

Technologies that incorporate AI and ML can provide a positive impact to manufacturer operations across the board — from administrative tasks to the factory floor.

Optimizing Your Manufacturing Operation with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing more common as technologies using it are more frequently deployed in cutting-edge manufacturing operations.

In broad terms, using AI can assist in increasing safety on the factory floor, reducing costs through enhanced analytics and predictive maintenance, and speeding decision-making with real-time analysis for smart, data-driven decisions.

Let’s explore deeper:

Predictive Maintenance for the Win

In industries like manufacturing where the acquisition of advanced machinery — and its subsequent depreciation — comes at a steep cost, asset management and protection can be critical. Using predictive maintenance in your manufacturing organization can result in:

  • A 9% improvement in uptime
  • A 12% reduction in costs
  • A 14% reduction in safety, health, and environmental risks
  • The ability to extend the lifetime of assets by 20%

Real-time monitoring of variables and data can help to solve issues in machinery before they arise by highlighting abnormal deviations. These benefits extend to any machinery to which predictive analysis is applied — from machinery on the factory floor to printers and copiers in your administrative hub.


Integration with Legacy IT Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Because legacy systems — from enterprise applications to enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems — pull from multiple sources of data, they can be invaluable as inputs for AI monitoring. AI technologies that can be integrated with legacy systems and external data source such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices are preferred.

However, companies that centralize their process for purchasing to standardize equipment, applications, and associated technologies can integrate AI faster and with fewer complications.

Using AI for Predictive Maintenance

You know that AI can optimize manufacturing processes and you’ve taken stock of your legacy systems — how do you deploy a robust predictive maintenance system? You could develop an in-house solution through your IT department, taking advantage of open-source coding libraries such as Python.

Or you could turn to third-party vendors to purchase predictive maintenance solutions that will fit with your current infrastructure. Ready-made solutions are not only cost-effective, but they will allow you to get up to speed quickly, reaping the benefits of predictive maintenance faster.

Blue Technologies Has the Tools You Need for Optimal Production

With all the supply chain and economic disruption that has been occurring of the last year, manufacturers have sustained a setback that has seen many scrambling for ways to maintain profitability.

That is why so many decision-makers are looking for sound, reliable ways to increase productivity, reduce costly downtime, and help optimize business processes for a stronger return on investment.

At Blue Technologies, we provide cutting-edge applications and technologies that incorporate AI and ML into the mix, providing strong analytics for better decision-making and optimized workflows. From document management solutions to managed print environments and other IT solutions, we have the tools you need to take your operations to the next level of efficiency.

Discover the visibility, flexibility, and profitability our technology can bring to your business. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and explore our range of AI-enhanced tools and tech and start optimizing your manufacturing operation today.

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