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How a Multifunction Printer Maximizes Productivity for Ohio Manufacturers

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Feb 6, 2020 8:45:00 AM

The multifunction printer is designed to do it all – printing, scanning, photocopying, faxing, and even a few other surprising things. However, despite all these capabilities, it can be challenging to identify what printer is best for an environment. That’s especially true if the environment is something of an extreme one (at least in terms of business).

Manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution companies all have at least one area of the floor that might qualify as an “extreme environment.” Read on to learn how the right multifunction printer can amplify productivity for businesses in these industries.

7 Ways a Multifunction Printer Amplifies the Productivity of Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies may stress about investing in a device like a printer for their floor. After all, these environments experience different conditions than other types of organizations. However, a multifunction printer’s versatility and durability both shine in warehouses and distribution centers. Here’s why.

1. They Can Handle a Variety of Print Jobs With Ease

Multifunction printers wouldn’t just be a cornerstone of office productivity if all they were good for was a single type of document. Today’s devices excel at printing a variety of print jobs, which is critical for manufacturers and warehouses. A robust yet intuitive user interface enables employees to swap out settings or move between different printing types effortlessly no matter how specific their labels, invoices, packing slips, or brochures may be.

2. The Hardware Is Robust and Durable

Multifunction printers are the workhorse of the modern office. They’re a valuable investment for any organization, especially for those that need their devices to last. Many printer manufacturers make special multifunction devices for the extreme environment that constitutes a warehouse. Whether facing a lack of AC, excessive dust, rough handling, or freezing temperatures, there are multifunction printers out there specifically designed to handle it.

3. Laser Printing Means Efficient Usage

All multifunction printers use laser printing, the more efficient of the two types of printing technologies commonly available. Laser printers offer several advantages over inkjets, including much more conservative toner use. For fast-paced manufacturing floors, this translates to less time spent swapping cartridges, running to the supply depot, or fiddling with printer settings to create black ink out of the other colors.

4. A Low Learning Curve Makes Them Stress-Free

Although these printers are sophisticated, they’re designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. Powerful touch screens put into the hands of users all the most common functions – with less standard, but still, ultra-useful features tucked away where they won’t prove confusing. That’s helpful for professionals who don’t have the time to sift through all the printer settings and just want to get their job done.

5. The Space-Saving Design Means More Room for Work

If the company is relying on separate devices to print, scan, and photocopy, it’s time to replace them with an all-in-one printer. Not every manufacturing company occupies a sprawling floor, and space may be a premium. For these companies, a multifunction printer is a high-impact, low-space device that can help an office stay more focused on work.

6. Endpoint Security Keeps Documents Safe

Document security is critical, even in a manufacturing company. While these companies are unlikely to handle sensitive material, confidential information will still nonetheless pass across the printers. Make sure information stays safe from malicious cybercriminals, industry spies, or anyone else seeking to get their hands on potentially valuable data. A modern multifunction printer comes with top-notch security features to keep data safe.

7. Integration Software Makes Workflows Efficient

A particularly significant advantage that has made multifunction printers so effective in the office is their ability to leverage software to integrate with the broader office environment. For example, some printer manufacturers make software that makes it easier to automate document transmission or storage. Others make industry-specific software solutions to make it easier to print from the programs frequently used by manufacturers.

In either case, this can prove advantageous to a company that needs to streamline its operations. Are you tired of doing everything manually? Give a multifunction printer a try and see how it can help the printing environment keep pace with the business.

Manufacturing Companies in Ohio Choose Blue Technologies

Ohio manufacturing companies trust Blue Technologies when it comes to choosing the ideal multifunction printer. While there are many superb office technology providers in the state, few can boast a quarter-century of experience helping manufacturers attain operational efficiency with their printers. The unique work environment, combined with the rigorous printing demands, can make selecting the ideal device tricky. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on speculations. Work with a specialist that knows which devices will improve productivity, withstand the environment, and help drive the company to success.

Blue Technologies is a premier office technology provider for Ohio manufacturing companies. Get started now with a specialist to discuss the ideal multifunction printer for manufacturing.

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