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Here’s Why Law Firms Need a Smart Cloud Strategy

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 11, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Before the pandemic, many businesses were looking at digital transformations that included cloud migration. After the pandemic hit, 48% of businesses surveyed are fast-tracking their cloud migration and more than a third are looking at digitizing more processes using cloud-based technology. In general terms, the switch to cloud technology was predicated on the need for better security and collaboration to support remote and hybrid workplaces and to deal with disruptions in both business and consumer demands.

For legal offices, a shift to cloud-based software solutions is a strategic way to streamline business processes, increase staff job satisfaction, and free up time to work on mission-critical needs. Among the advantages of a smart cloud strategy are several long-range benefits with a far-reaching, positive impact on bottom line health.

What a Smart Cloud Strategy Can Do For Your Legal Office 

Any business that falls under the broad category presented by the Commercial Facilities Sector must be in compliance with the requirements of the bill which are:

  • You have only 72 hours in which to report a hacking event; and
  • You have 24 hours in which to report a ransomware payment

Even in large organizations that already have extensive cyber security protocols in place, these reporting requirements can be challenging to meet. Many other businesses that lack resources will find it very onerous to meet these critical aspects of the bill. Operations such as casinos, amusement parks, malls, casinos, and movie theaters often lack in-house IT resources, and many do not have cybersecurity protections in place at all. 

Keeping Your Entertainment Business Compliant

In today’s world of cybercrime and increasing threat landscapes, every bit of data you handle can make your business a target for cyberattack. In fact, small businesses are often considered low-hanging fruit for wily hackers, who often take advantage of a lack of preparedness and resources to make inroads into sensitive data. With less security in place, it takes less time and effort for hackers to get what they want.

Even online entertainment businesses such as gambling and betting websites are being targeted by cybercriminals, so whether you work in a virtual environment or a brick-and-mortar one, you must be prepared to defend it.

For commercial businesses with few resources, your best bet is to partner with a third-party provider of Managed IT services that has deep knowledge of cyber security best practices. 

Blue Technologies Can Help Secure Your Business Data

If you are running a business in the commercial sector, you must comply with the requirements of HR 2471. However, you do not have to start hiring a full-time IT department to get the job done. Even if you have few — or no — in-house IT resources, you can get powerful cyber security protection by partnering with our Managed IT team.

Our team of professionals has the kind of leading-edge knowledge of evolving threats and technologies that can keep your business — and your business data — protected from scams, data breaches, and other cyber threats. We will assess your current infrastructure for weaknesses and vulnerabilities and then build an affordable, cost-effective, efficient cybersecurity strategy matched to your specific business needs and challenges. With strong protection in place, there is less chance of cybercriminals gaining access to your data, saving you the trouble of having to deal with — or report — a breach or hack. 

Don’t leave your data up for grabs. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn how our Managed IT program can keep your data secure — and your business protected.

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