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Advantages of Eco-Friendly Printers of Manufacturers

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 10, 2019 9:15:00 AM

In any company, the printer being used is an incredibly valuable asset. An office printer is an essential tool that nearly no business can compete without.

However, many of them also happen to be extremely environmentally unsustainable. Businesses today are homing in on the modern consumer’s demand for businesses to go green. Using eco-friendly printers is one of the easiest ways to make a difference.

There are quite a few options to look into. Here are some of the aspects that should be considered and why it’s an important choice.

Why Is it Important to Have an Eco-friendly Printer as a Manufacturing Firm?

The public has grown increasingly concerned about the state of the environment. Their newfound consciousness of these perils has driven many of them, especially Millennials, to consider a companies’ environmental track record before doing business with them. Not only can skirting environmental responsibility drive fewer customers to a firm, but it can also do serious damage to their reputation.

No longer satisfied with merely picking and choosing the companies they shop from, consumers empowered by social media channels have taken to speaking either for or against businesses. In manufacturing, this issue has been exasperated.

Manufacturing, the Ecologic Costs

Manufacturing is of course, by its very nature, a field of heavy industry. With so much pressure being put on them not only by regulators but now their customers as well, these firms need an edge. Going green isn’t always easy. It can take hard work, careful planning, and the transition can be expensive. One of the most cost-effective ways to go green as a manufacturer is to start using eco-friendly printers.

Think of how eco-friendly printers can reduce waste. Paper and toner are among some of the most wasteful and environmentally harmful materials used in manufacturing.

A large manufacturer can consume an entire forest within a few days of printing. Likewise, they can dish out piles of empty toner cartridges that just get thrown away. Moreover, the energy that inefficient printers consume run up steep costs both for the company and the environment. No one likes a high electric bill, which is another thing that eco-friendly printers can help with.

These are the practices that manufacturing firms who are serious about going green need to change, and it all starts with finding the right eco-friendly printer.

Invest in the Best, What to Look for, and the Most Recommended Eco-Friendly Printers for Ohio Manufacturers

Several qualities can designate a printer as eco-friendly. Here's a taste of some of the most important of these qualities to look for when shopping for an eco-friendly printer that can handle the volume of manufacturing firms.

● Cartridge size – smaller cartridges often result in more waste as they must be discarded more frequently.

● Dual-sided printing - look for a printer with the ability to print on both sides of the page.

Energy – Seek out printers that come with better energy savings.

● Quality – the overall quality of the printer can determine how long it will be used. Printers that last longer are more environmentally sustainable than models that break down quickly and have to be thrown away.

Knowing what to look for in a printer is critical for finding an eco-friendly printer suitable for manufacturing needs that don't compromise on quality for sustainability.

Keeping these features in mind, the next thing is to know what printer brands to look for. The following brands are well-known for making exceptional printers. Manufacturers looking for quality that will last and subsequently put less strain on the environment should seek out these brands.

● Lexmark –this is a trustworthy and highly respectable brand that produces high-quality printers that will last.

● Konica Minolta – these printers have some genuinely extraordinary green technology that makes them eco-friendly.

Between the two, it will come down to preference as both of these brands offer exceptional quality and are eco-friendly by design. For example, Konica Minolta printers use a specially designed induction heating fixing unit. The unit's design greatly reduces the power consumption of Konica Minolta's laser printers. Design features like these make Konica Minolta's printers an excellent choice for manufacturers looking to go green.

Save Money and the Planet with Eco-Friendly Printers from Blue Technologies

The best way to make a difference in becoming more sustainable as a business is in using eco-friendly printers from Blue Technologies. Manufacturing firms in Ohio can look to Blue Technologies for printers that are not only eco-friendly but also superior in quality and competitively priced. The advantages of shopping with Blue Technologies are too good to pass up, call today and go green with Blue Technologies.

Get in touch with Blue Technologies for the eco-friendly printers that can make a difference.

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