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Get Your Business Ready for a Profitable Summer in 2021 with the Right Signage

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 9, 2021 8:45:00 AM

With about half of Americans having at least one COVID-19 vaccination, many are looking for new holiday spots to visit in summer 2021. Reporters note that this year’s travelers are done doing housework and cooking after a long year of lockdown, so they are ready to get out and about, shop, and dine with friends and family.

Still, travelers are interested in hotels — and presumably other businesses — that have safety protocols in place and stand out for their cleanliness. In fact, the post-pandemic vacationer is more cautious than ever, selecting destinations that have stable and secure pandemic protocols.

Whether you own a restaurant or bar, hotel, retail store, service-oriented business, or an entertainment venue, you will want to announce your adherence to public health and safety guidelines loud and clear with eye-catching signage.

Signage is often the public’s first touchpoint with your business and getting your share of this summer’s holidaymakers will be easier if you clearly have cleanliness and safety as a business priority.

How the Right Signage Can Keep Your Business Safe — and Profitable — for the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are around the corner and many Americans are ready to venture out and enjoy the sunshine. While the easing of lockdown restrictions has made it easier — and more feasible — to travel, many vacationers are understandable cautious about health and safety.

To ensure potential customers know your business cares for their safety, make sure you have prominent signage that details your company’s coronavirus protocols and safety measures.

Posting Signs in Visible Places

Colorful, bold, and durable signage that promotes protective measures such as social distancing, mask wearing, and hand-washing or sanitizing should be prominently placed in visible locations. Suggestions include:

  • Restrooms
  • In entrance areas where lines may form
  • At check-out lines and registers
  • Throughout your place of business where people tend to gather

Also, consider placing signs that help develop a traffic pattern in your business so that customers are moving in one direction through the premises to reduce bottlenecks.

Providing Single-Use Information

Another way businesses can reduce viral spread and let customers know they are serious about protection is creating single-use information flyers. In restaurants, this can be a menu or wine list printed on paper, so germs are not transferred. Entertainment venues can use this tactic to provide a review of the night’s show or performer bios.

Outside Moving In

Let passersby know your store is concerned about safety measures by providing appropriate outdoor signage such as stickers or signs placed six feet apart outside the store entrance to control the number of people in the store and help waiting patrons keep a safe distance.

Banners and larger signs can point out where lines begin and end and establish safe areas for customers to stand if they must wait. Clearly post your business’s safety requirements outside before clients step in to avoid the embarrassing task of asking someone to leave because they are not wearing a mask or did not realize they must sanitize their hands before entering your store.

Turn to Blue Technologies for Sign Printing Technology

If you’ve been paying attention over the past year, you know that opening — and reopening— guidelines for businesses are constantly changing. This fluctuating messaging meaning signage needs change every time new guidelines are issued. To ensure that you always have the right signage —with the branding colors and logos that are always spot-on, you will want to have the convenience of a production-level printer in-house.

Production printers can lower costs, improve efficiency, and put control over your advertising needs into your hands. An in-house high-volume or wide-format printer means you can instantly change your indoor and outdoor signage to reflect new policies and protocols, allowing your business to stay ahead of the competition and attract your share of summer’s holidaymakers.

Find out how easy it is to bring the ability to make stunning signage in-house. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and explore our wide range of production level printers.

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