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Gain Competitive Edge in the Automotive Industry with Manage Services

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 2, 2020 8:30:00 AM

For several years, the automotive industry news has become flooded with arguments about companies developing unfair transaction strategies.

Tesla recently battled major lawsuits because of their direct-market approach to selling their vehicles. Robert Bird, a professor of business law, said, “The controversy is that Tesla’s entry into the automotive market threatens to upend established relationships between manufacturers and dealers.”

Although the tactic improves the customer experience at Tesla’s storefront, competitor companies require a solution that offers equal closeout without legal ramifications. In this article, we’ll discuss critical concerns for automotive enterprises, and how managed IT services can tip the scales upright.

Areas of Concern for Automotive Industry Commerce

Many automotive dealerships, shops, and parts distributors are aware of the inconvenient shopping experience that they currently provide to customers. Wait times for parts analysis and legal documents for vehicle sales can take months to process fully. As a result, quarterly sales decrease, and customers start reaching for more reliable options.

The struggle with time consumption stems from the lack of information provided to internal service departments and ongoing industry developments. Without the required resources, service representatives and dealers can’t provide customers with reliable information.

Here are a few advancements known to cause setbacks for automotive businesses.

  • Modern Vehicle Sensors: The latest vehicle model part sensors can collect around 25GB of data per hour, which requires faster information access to reduce the assessment, storage, and transfer times.
  • Environmental Trends: While emission reduction is a rising concern worldwide, ongoing developments in research and design offer inaccurate feature information.
  • Government Regulations on Self-Driving Vehicles: The legal information offered to customers and representatives about self-driving automobile technology is continually changing, although it’s in high demand.

The surge of artificial intelligence and eco-friendly provisions impact the automotive industry across the board, and many companies experience service delays if they lack the resources to meet demands. There’s not much the industry can do to decrease the pace of developments, but if businesses want to remain competitive in the industry, they must establish a coordinated IT strategy.

5 Ways Managed IT Services Boost Automotive Sales

Even though it may help regain order in the IT department, businesses don’t have to avoid the trends in automobile technology to strive. Controlled data processing can speed up automotive trade, without breaking relations in the industry or altering market standards. Here are five ways managed information technology services increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Improved Sales Department Efficiency

The implementation of managed office and technology services allows representatives to spend less time retrieving information or processing documents. Skilled IT professionals quickly access, provide, and file documents when they’re requested, so the sales department can focus on providing quality customer service, negotiate more deals and finalize orders faster.

  1. Instant Access to Cutting-Edge Information

Does a sales representative require additional policy information or feature material? With managed IT services, staff can utilize the latest technological tools to access company or model information instantly. If issues arise, technicians can contact a 24/7 help desk without additional service charges. A complete inquiry resolution instills trust with customers and speeds up purchase decisions.

  1. Improved Partnership and Team Collaboration

A managed cloud database and information collection system ensure easy access to all customer and company-wide accounts. Share product marketing ideas, partnership plans, and contact details with any staff member to develop a core sales strategy. Customer orders stored at the same source can be sent through each department faster.

  1. Infrastructure Monitoring

Automotive enterprises often fall behind in sales due to a lack of document organization or inadequate data collection practices. In turn, customer orders take longer to process, and contracts end prematurely. Managed IT services oversee all maintenance procedures, support, and cloud server upkeep, so there is less risk overall losing urgent customer order or contract information.

  1. Customer-Provided Resources

A reliable e-commerce platform can significantly boost automotive sales and increase customer loyalty. IT services design, implement and manage an expandable online platform that grows with your business. Increase the overall ROI for digital marketing campaigns and attract more revenue by providing customers with the latest resources.

Transform Your Automotive Business with Managed IT Services

A surprising number of dealerships and automotive shops fall short on a positive exchange, and a disorganized IT department is often the cause. Customers demand accurate information and might reconsider a purchase decision if there are too many delays in the sales process. With managed IT services, businesses can build consumer trust and gain a competitive advantage.

Blue Technologies understands that businesses in the automotive industry face new challenges each day. Why let these issues magnify when managed IT services can put a stop to them altogether? Contact us today to get started with an information technology plan to help grow your business.


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