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Exploring the Fine Points of Document Management

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 23, 2020 8:45:00 AM

This year, all industries are reporting an increased adoption of document management systems (DMS) in response to the need for expanded work efficiencies and a focus on digital transformation, as more companies move toward a paperless environment.

But what exactly is document management?

Today’s innovative document management technology leverages the power of electronic data systems to intake, index, store, and deliver information of all types.

The DMS process begins with document capture, where a hard-copy document is converted into a digitized version via scanning technology. Once captured, the digital copy can be indexed for easy retrieval, then stored in a highly secure cloud-based repository. Access to digital information is easily controlled by administrators so that workflow processes are accelerated and refined.

DMS systems range from small-scale, standalone systems to enterprise-level arrangements that serve a large-scale audience, and the highest quality systems are custom-tailored to an individual organization’s specific business needs.

A DMS approach to information management procures a wide range of benefits and advantages for the businesses that adopt it, often resulting in higher revenue-driving productivity, increased security, and escalated cost efficiencies.

To examine the ways DMS can contribute to accelerated growth for your business, we’ve curated some of the top benefits.

Three Hard-Hitting Reasons to Adopt a Document Management Protocol

Adopting a DMS can help remove roadblocks to business growth by providing a host of workflow and information-enhancing strategies that assist in streamlining business processes for better cost-efficiencies.

Here are several proven was DMS can transform your business:

1. Enhanced Security/Compliance

Today’s cybercriminals are developing increasingly advanced ways of gaining access to sensitive data. For most businesses, keeping information safe is not only essential as part of a policy of best practice adoption, it is critical for compliance with data privacy rules and regulations.

A DMS provides an audit trail of document access and modification, often with an automated alert system that flags inconsistent or questionable access.

Document access is easily controlled by admin personnel and authorization can be granted — or denied — instantly.

Furthermore, storing data in the cloud allows for greater protections through automated security patches and updates and significantly more complex protections.

2. Easier Retrieval for Higher Productivity

Processes driven by paper documents can represent a costly bottleneck of searching through manual documents for urgently needed information.

Spending too much time on document retrieval interferes with productivity and the ability to offer fast customer responsiveness, which can ding business reputation and result in lowered revenue.

With employees spending more than 3.5 hours every week looking for documents that they ultimately can’t locate, paper-based systems can cost you $125 for every misfiled document and around $700 for ones that are lost.

A DMS saves time — and money — with powerful indexed searches that allows fast, efficient retrieval of information by keywords, full text, categories, and more. Plus, as long as there is a solid internet connection, authorized users have access to data at any time, from any location.

3. Strong Disaster Recovery and Backup Features

With an average loss of $25,000 per disaster, having a disaster recovery plan in place for your business is an essential protective measure. Disasters take on many forms, from fire, flood, and other natural disasters to cybercrime and even physical theft or vandalism.

With a DMS, imaged documents are stored centrally in the cloud, with backup redundancies for extra peace of mind. A DMS can help your business stay up and running in the event of a disaster to provide unbroken service to customers.

Explore the Advantages of DMS with Custom-Tailored Solutions from Blue Technologies

To realize all the benefits DMS can bring to your organization, you need a truly customized solution. At Blue Technologies, our team understands that business needs and goals differ among companies — and industries.

With this knowledge in hand, we have aligned our services to offer your business a tailored document management solution that will allow you to handle industry-specific challenges and improve your business processes to meet internal goals.

If you want to take control of your organization’s documents, DMS is an ideal solution. Contact Blue Technologies today to discuss how we can digitize your printed files and store them securely in the cloud.

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