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Expand Learning Outside College With Multifunction Printers

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Multifunction printers were designed to be the perfect productivity companion in the modern office. Featuring numerous abilities all combined into one space-saving machine, they’re capable of handling even the most robust of printing environments. The invention of such devices has radically altered the way businesses think about and conduct their most critical processes. They’ve made workflows faster, more efficient, and better connected than ever.

If that’s not high praise, consider that their ability to reliably churn out thousands of sheets of perfectly crisp text also means they’ve become a staple for educational institution printing solutions. Colleges and universities are rapidly embracing them both within the faculty office and on the floor of the university library. For students, multifunction printers mean papers print faster and more reliably than ever.

However, the usefulness of multifunction printers doesn’t stop there. Just like they revolutionized business productivity, they’re also unlocking the doors to a better education experience for students overall. Efficiency aside, any institution considering a multifunction printer for their campus should strongly consider deploying a multifunction printer for the many benefits it offers.

Four Ways Multifunction Printers Improve Education Quality

Higher-educational institutions need reliable printing solutions, just like other businesses. As such, both students and faculty also benefit from increased operational efficiency. However, multifunction printers do more than deliver enhanced productivity solutions. They also assist with improving the education quality offered from the school by:

1. Making It Easier to Produce Better Lesson Plans, Quicker

Imagine having access to all the lesson materials that students need to achieve in the classroom. With a multifunction printer, now they do. A reliable printer means that faculty can rapidly print off lesson materials faster, in a more cost-effective way. Multifunction printers are specifically designed to handle print jobs incoming from multiple locations at once and won’t freeze or get overloaded with such demand.

2. Let Students Print, Scan, and Share Information From Anywhere

Multifunction printers are valuable for operational efficiency because they bring a critical level of connectivity to an organization. They let users copy, print, and share information from any printer-connected device. That same connectivity benefits students, too. With a multifunction printer, it’s possible to scan homework and send it directly to a professor.

3. Leverage Digital Capabilities for Studying

By integrating with desktops, laptops, and mobile devices via software, they make it easier for users to move documents from one area to another quickly. Students can also take advantage of this connectivity by accessing materials stored in a digital location and printing them without having to make a physical trip to the printer. Or, students can turn physical documents into digital ones to make it easier to take notes, review, and study for exams.

4. Help Students Prepare for the Future With Access to Better Technology

Technology in the classroom remains a controversial topic, even in 2019. While the presence of tablets in elementary school may provoke parental ire, multifunction printers are a practical and modern addition to campuses around the globe. Today’s printers routinely feature advanced functions, allowing students to gain familiarity with interfaces and technology they will likely use in their careers.

The Best Multifunction Printers for Colleges and Universities

With all the advantages which a multifunction printer can bring to a school environment, just what are the best printers out there? Colleges and universities may want to consider one or more of the following printing solutions:

HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M631h

When it comes to marrying efficiency and cost-effectiveness, HP remains at the forefront of printer manufacturers. This company has built a name for itself, delivering innovative, reliable solutions for offices in every industry. Campuses can take advantage of the features offered in the LaserJet Enterprise Flow series: professional-quality documents printed rapidly from a secure device. The LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFPs can handle up to 300,000 pages per month and take high-yield toner cartridges for maximum efficiency.

Lexmark MX820 Series

For large, demanding print environments, Lexmark’s MX820 Series is an absolute powerhouse. Printing at speeds of 70 pages per minute, Lexmark loaded this machine with ultra-durable components, a range of finishing options and every form of connectivity imaginable. Enjoy ultra-high yield toner capacity which delivers crisp lines of text on demand.

Blue Technologies Helps Ohio Schools Improve Their Operations

Like any other business, schools need to choose the best technology to meet their – and their students’ – needs. Multifunction printers such as those offered by HP and Lexmark are strong choices when it comes to improving the educational quality provided by a campus outside the classroom.

Thinking about upgrading? Blue Technologies is thrilled to help higher education institutions develop printing solutions to meet all their needs. Start a conversation today about how we can help your campus succeed.

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