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Effective Managed IT Solutions for Prefabrication Suppliers in Ohio

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 11, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Manufacturing companies that produce prefabricated and modular construction products know that accuracy, efficiency, and agility is the primary differentiator between them and their competitors. Every business needs to find innovative solutions to deal with the modern economy’s rapidly changing landscape.

In the manufacturing, design, and construction sectors, technology has always assisted companies in achieving greater efficiencies from material sourcing to shipping and erection. Whether it’s coordinating 

deliveries, tracking material and outbound logistics, or monitoring the actual fieldwork, a robust digital infrastructure helps prefabrication suppliers deliver better products in shorter timeframes without compromising quality.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Prefabrication Manufacturers

The manufacturing sector has historically been an early adopter for new digital technologies. Although the industry leverages technology to improve efficiencies, the actual underlying digital infrastructure posed a risk to operations. As manufacturers and design firms added more sophisticated engineering software systems, they needed access to more expensive hardware and specialist resources to maintain the IT infrastructure. System Administrators, Technology Analysts, and Landscape Architects all needed to work together to keep operations flowing throughout the design, build, and construction lifecycles.

If a server fails, or a database becomes corrupted, the entire process may grind to a halt while IT engineers work to resolve the issue. If the firm doesn’t have access to a dedicated, in-house team of experts, it compounds the problem. Managed IT services can help alleviate these risks with a more proactive approach to hosting, maintaining, and upgrading the company’s digital technology stacks.

Sourcing Reliable Hardware and Equipment

One of the biggest concerns for any manufacturing firm is access to modern IT support infrastructure. Acquiring new hardware and equipment can be expensive, leading to outdated legacy hardware systems and patch IT fixes to keep the system operational. By using a Managed IT Services provider, the company can regularly update their servers, desktop workstations, laptops, routers, and other networked devices. With reliable hardware, the company will reduce stress on their IT staff and technical resources, while improving operational processes with improved uptimes.

Managed IT Service providers such as Blue Technologies will monitor all hardware remotely to ensure they detect any issues early. By taking complete responsibility for the reliability of the IT system as part of the agreement, prefabrication suppliers can focus on their core business tasks and free up resources to focus on their mission-critical duties.

Reliable Networks and Greater Software Integrations

Apart from access to better hardware, the Managed IT Services provider will have a team of experts who configure and maintain the networks. Often when a server goes down, it’s because of a small error in the configuration that may be difficult to troubleshoot by in-house IT departments. A Managed IT Services provider will continuously monitor and study event logs, proactively identify issues, and provide solutions that eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Manufacturing processes rely on a variety of engineering applications to keep the factory productive. These include Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and other modeling and management systems. These applications often come from different vendors with varying integration requirements, creating operational silos in the organization. With Managed IT solutions, companies can opt to deploy automated workflows with integrated Document Management solutions that tie the entire process together, improves collaboration, and streamlines the design and build workflows.

Improved Information Security and Dedicated Support

With the rise of cybercrime across the globe, ensuring networks remain secure is a fulltime job. Every network has become a target for bad actors who want to inject ransomware into the system and hold the information hostage. Managed IT will monitor networks for malicious software, and maintain secure firewalls and threat intelligence systems to prevent any unauthorized access. If something does go wrong, the Managed IT Service provider will have a disaster recovery plan in place, helping the organization restore the system as quickly as possible.

A team of dedicated support professionals will continue to monitor the system and intervene when they notice any suspicious activity. As every device connected to the network is under constant supervision from technical experts, they will detect issues early and work to prevent any unexpected downtimes from occurring.

Managed IT Services for Prefabrication Suppliers in Ohio from Blue Technologies

Blue Technologies provides business productivity solutions and Managed IT services for companies in Ohio to improve operational processes. For prefabrication suppliers struggling to maintain their IT infrastructure, opting to move to a Managed IT Services model will reduce the total cost, improve reliability, and establish a consistent budget for all IT related expenditures. Blue Technologies have served Ohio businesses since 1995, working with customers to design a technology stack that serves their operational needs.

To benefit from a reliable and secure IT system in your Ohio prefab manufacturing company, get in touch with one of Blue Technologies' friendly agents today.

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