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Does Your Church Benefit from Managed Print Services?

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 14, 2019 9:02:00 AM

Running a house of worship is often a challenging endeavor. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people may depend on a single church for one of the most important aspects of their lives.

At Blue Technologies, one of the ways we help churches meet their most ambitious goals is with our managed print services. Whatever they need from their printing solutions, churches can outsource them to our team of experts.

Doing so meets a church’s printing requirements, so they can better focus on the needs of their congregation.

5 Ways a Church Will Benefit from Managed Print Services

Of course, specific church printing needs are going to differ from one institution to another. Each has a different number of congregants and probably prints much different materials.

That’s why Blue Technologies always begins by assessing printing needs before ever recommending any of our managed print services.

After we do, a church’s congregation can look forward to the following benefits.

1. Making the Most of the Church’s Budget

A church’s budget is funded almost entirely by the donations of its congregants. Among other things, this means it can be tough to predict a church’s budget from year-to-year. Economic downturns negatively impact charitable giving even among individuals’ whose personal budgets aren’t hurt.

That’s why churches must make every effort to make the most of their budget by reining in any unnecessary spending.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with managed print services.

For example, an inefficient printer could cost a church $100 in wasted ink every single year. If church printing needs require more than one machine, that amount adds up quickly.

Worse of all, it could easily be fixed by better understanding of how much ink is needed, how efficient current machines are, and how the machines are being used. Many people don’t know that something as simple as leaving a printer idle for a prolonged timeframe is one of the most common ways it wastes ink.

With our managed print services, a church can have regular reporting about their printing habits and actual printers, so those who run it can make better decisions about saving money. Our team will even catch problems with printers before they occur, saving on unnecessary repairs.

2. Improve a Church’s Printing Efficiency

Another way our managed services can better meet church printing needs is by improving its efficiency.

At the moment, a religious institution may be wasting time and money with their church bulletin printing simply because of when it occurs or how many printers it requires.

A simple assessment may also reveal that the church has been printing more bulletins or other documents that they need. This printing assessment is another example of how our team’s reporting can instantly produce valuable improvements right away.

3. Protect Against the Risk of Downtime

Nothing is quite as frustrating as a printer that refuses to work. Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, the “obvious” solution often turns out to make matters even worse. That’s when temporary downtime turns into a necessary service call or even a replacement.

With managed print services, our team of professionals will monitor a church’s machines to prevent downtime from occurring in the first place. If it does happen, our expert technicians will be available to carry out repairs, so that the church can get back to printing ASAP.

4. Updated Security

Churches need to defend against cyber threats just as much as any other organization. A successful attack could give the criminal access to the church’s budget. It could also provide the criminal with information about their members, which might be even more valuable.

This is why church printing needs include updating their software immediately. These software updates may only provide small improvements to printing activities, but they also ensure that cybercriminals can’t manipulate outdated platforms for an access point into the religious institution’s network.

Our team will monitor for updates and carry them out right away, so their printing software never offers an opportunity to criminals.

5. Go Green with Printing Needs

Congregations looking to lower their church’s carbon footprint, a great place to start is with their current printing habits.

Wasteful printing doesn’t just hurt budgets. It’s bad for the environment, too. By monitoring a church’s printing activities, we’ll have the insights necessary to help them cut back while still carrying out all of their essential processes.

Meet Your Church Printing Needs with Managed Print Services

By providing a customized approach to church printing needs, we’ve helped congregations like yours save between 20% and 40% without sacrificing results.

If you’re interested in learning how our team of experts would address your church’s unique needs, please contact us to begin your assessment right away.

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