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Document Management Makes Collaboration Between Printer and Client Easier

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 8, 2020 9:45:00 AM

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses are choosing to employ a work-from-home staff or remote workforce. In fact, the work from home trend has grown 173% since 2005, which is nearly 47 times faster than the self-employed population.

No matter how you look at it, this trend is a factor that weighs heavily into a business’s productivity and the challenges they face when completing projects. For small print shops, this trend can cause issues in client relationships if not properly handled.

Print clients want to see their jobs completed correctly and professionally, on time, and within the specified budget.

While this seems clear and easily managed, it becomes infinitely more complex as edits and revisions occur and changes are made to the scope of the project. This is amplified further by the increase in work-from-home situations, both in your print shop or in your client’s facility.

Document management software (DMS) can help print shops coordinate and collaborate with their clients more effectively using intelligent automation, machine learning, and business logic to streamline processes, minimize errors, and assist collaboration.

Document Management to Keep Your Print Shop Running Smoothly

Despite the fact that headlines have touted the end of print for years, the commercial printing industry remains strong at $430 billion in global market share.

Savvy print shops are incorporating software and digital innovations into their business management portfolios in order to grab their share of the market and keep customer loyalty high.

Document management software (DMS) is one way to organize and track files for accuracy, while providing access to necessary controls, even if you — or your client’s — employees are working remotely.

Version Control for Accurate Output

During the process of design and production, print jobs often go through a number of iterations, with changes being made on both the client-facing side and print production side.

Smart document collaboration begins with easy document and content sharing that can track changes and revisions, ensuring the most complete — and latest — version is always easily accessible.

Products like Hyland’s OnBase software allow print shops to create a single platform for customer interactions with content management and case management capabilities for seamless collaboration.

OnBase even coordinates with Microsoft Office products and other applications to give you even more ways to coordinate with your customer for better service and more satisfying customer experience.

Easy Sharing for Better Accessibility

DMS like OnBase and its companion, ShareBase, brings security and collaboration together to allow documents to be accessed, worked on, and shared from anywhere at any time. Sharing can be enabled — or restricted — by administrators or project managers and ownership can be transferred at any time.

Password protection and other utilities ensure that client products do not overlap to keep proprietary data safe and secure.

Cloud-based sharing ensures that documents can be processed even when employees are working remotely or on the go so deadlines are never impacted by staff location. This is an important feature if you have print clients who have shifted to a work-from-home environment.

Reliable Security

The cloud-based operation provides additional document security by keeping information off of local hard drives, but Hyland’s ShareBase amps up the protection with document encryption.

Audit trails and administrator reports monitor access and activity on the cloud and Hyland regularly performs penetration testing on applications for complete peace of mind.

Additionally, the Hyland cloud offers multi-level encryption, rotation of encryption keys, and an audited support team.

Let Blue Technologies Help Amplify Your Print Shop’s Success

At Blue Technologies, we offer a suite of document management software that supports collaboration and can help your print shop serve clients more efficiently than ever.

Our partnership with industry-leading Hyland brings the power of both OnBase and ShareBase products to your fingertips. Easy to use and designed to integrate with software you and your clients use regularly, the Hyland products can take your document management capabilities to the next level.

Our team of document management experts can assess your current needs and infrastructure to develop a custom-designed framework that will make being productive fast, easy, and secure.

Earn client respect — and more business — when you produce well-coordinated print jobs on time and within budget. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and find out how document management software can revolutionize your print shop.

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