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Document Management for Health Clubs

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Dec 23, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Many gyms and health clubs were hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic when widespread health and safety protocols caused many to close their doors. As the country continues to reopen, health clubs are finding that consumer attitudes have transformed, making it more important than ever for clubs to make the customer experience a priority.

In fact, recent polls show that those clubs who focus on a customer-based service strategy come away with 60% more profit than competing clubs that lack a good customer experience. Tactics such as personalization of the experience are key — and the crux of a good personalization strategy is understanding your member base and organizing this information so it can serve you better.

Tracking class attendance, favorite equipment, fitness goals, and even members’ preferred times to work out can help your club make the adjustments you need to keep members' loyalty high and return memberships strong. Streamlining business processes such as billing and membership helps to avoid mistakes that can leave a bad taste in your customers’ mouths. 

One of the best ways to optimize information about your clients for better communication, simplified operations, and a better customer experience is by using document management software in your health club.

How Document Management Helps Health Clubs Provide Better Service

The attrition rate for gym and health club memberships hangs at the 80% mark during the first eight weeks after a new member has joined your club. Since those eight weeks are so critical, they are the perfect time to extend service that is above and beyond to your new members using document management software (DMS).

Handling Membership and Records the Right Way

Membership records and personal details about your member base are essential to provide fast, efficient service when scheduling appointments and reservations. Keeping track of customers also allows club managers to extend specific loyalty rewards to long-standing patrons to encourage them to re-enroll — and bring their friends aboard.

A DMS allows you to capture and store every bit of information you receive about clients for easy retrieval by any number of intuitive methods — from last names and phone numbers to keywords or key phrases such as “weightlifting” or “swimming.” In turn, having this information available can help you fine-tune the services you offer to meet the changing needs of your membership, as well as handle any problems with individual accounts swiftly and efficiently. 

Securing Member Information

As a health club, you may have a great deal of confidential, personal, and/or sensitive information about your clients, which can make your business a target for hackers who can use vulnerabilities in software to steal funds and data. Others can use social engineering, phishing, or other schemes to gain access to users’ sensitive data and wreak havoc with your business.

A robust DMS will provide inherent security fail-safes to provide the highest quality data protection so your health club can remain compliant with data privacy regulations — and put your clients’ minds at ease.

Automating Processes

Finally, having automated processes in place can offer smoother scheduling and check-ins for members, as well as provide value-added services such as progress reports and improvement monitoring. Routine tasks such as re-enrollment, appointment scheduling, and billing/invoicing can be easily automated and streamlined to not only save labor costs on your end, but also to provide a first-rate experience for clients.

A DMS can route specific documents like member intake forms through preselected workflows that can automatically move documents through the route, review, and approval process using intelligent business rules for fewer errors and faster service.

Trust Blue Technologies for Full-Scale Document Management 

At Blue Technologies, we take a customized approach to document management. Because challenges and needs vary from club to club, our team of document management experts helps to identify essential goals and provide a tailored solution to meet them.

We can assess your current infrastructure and develop a targeted document management strategy that addresses data security, workflow automation, and optimized processes to help your club deliver an unparalleled client experience that will keep your club competitive — and your membership growing.

Gain the power of organization for your health club. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn how our robust document management solutions for health clubs can help you provide a better club experience for members today.

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