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Document Management for Federal and State Government Agencies

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 24, 2021 8:15:00 AM

In order to stay relevant and deliver the kind of services your constituents demand, modern government agencies must be able to withstand disruption and disaster — without missing a beat.

Nothing showed us more than the recent COVID-19 pandemic just how critical government services are to the millions who depend upon them. More than ever, now is the time for agencies to streamline legacy processes that slow responsiveness, reduce collaboration among departments, and hobble your agency’s ability to move forward.

Fortunately, there are many new technologies available to help agencies move toward a digital transformation in which they can solidify their reputations as public advocates by delivering high-quality services in a timely and consistent manner.

Since the government is by nature paper-heavy, the best place to start is by leveraging the power of document management solutions to trim down reliance on paper, protect sensitive data more thoroughly, and boost operational efficiency.

Discovering the Value of Document Management for Government Agencies

Technology is instrumental in keeping government agencies operational and able to meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced environment, including one of the most difficult: Meeting increased demands from constituents in the face of tighter budgets.

Here are actionable ways a strong document management system (DMS), in partnership with a competent Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help your agency thrive in a post-pandemic environment:

Managing the Challenges of a Remote Workplace

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has announced that telework and remote working situations will continue, even when the pandemic crisis concludes. In fact, more agencies have recognized how transformational the ability to have geographically scattered staff has been.

Flexible work hours and online trainings are considered benefits by many employees, allowing agencies to recruit higher level talent to keep productivity high.

A DMS can help authorized personnel electronically capture documents and provide the necessary information digitally wherever staff are located. These systems can be designed to integrate with core government systems to provide seamless workflows across personnel, departments, and agencies.

Automating Workflows for Better — and Faster — Decision Making

Automated workflows serve several purposes in a government environment. First and foremost, they help reduce reliance on error-prone and tedious manual entry systems to help reduce or eliminate inaccuracies.

This aspect is critical when you consider how much sensitive and specific information is handled by agencies during a workday. A strong DMS can help you easily digitize documents for faster, more accurate input of information.

At the next level, your DMS can help automatically route documents to the correct party or department to ensure the right people have the information they need to work quickly and accurately. Decisions on specific cases can be accelerated and reviews and decisions can be logged, recalled, and audited to keep track of changes.

Securing Information for Better Risk Management

The pandemic has caused more than just disruption in the way the government does business — it has also brought weaknesses and vulnerabilities to light in the realm of cybersecurity. With a 278% increase in leaked government records and a huge increase in data breaches, the past year has caused many agencies to take a closer look at their cybersecurity.

A DMS managed by a competent MSP partner can help protect digital data, reduce the number of successful attacks, and help agencies stay compliant with data privacy regulations.

Let Blue Technologies Help Your Agency Go Digital

Adopting document management is a way for your government agency to boost productivity and efficiency without risking data — or breaking the budget.

At Blue Technologies, we partner with leaders in the realm of document management solutions to bring you the widest range of DMS products. With our Managed IT team there to provide assessment, analysis, and ongoing support, we can help you bring your agency forward into a new, accelerated, and more efficient digital environment.

Our DMS products will allow your remote and in-house staff members to capture, share, edit, review, and store important data digitally — all while in compliance with pertinent data privacy regulations. These cost-effective solutions will maximize flexibility and resilience and give your organization the ability to scale up — or down — on an as-needed basis.

Help your agency do more for the people you serve. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and discover how document management systems can help transform your organization into an efficient, cost-effective, goal-oriented business.

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